Tallinn Pubcrawl

1-20 people 4 hours
Beer tasting!
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Beer tasting!

Have you ever found yourself alone in a foreign city? Have you ever gone through a million tourist traps in search of a decent pub? If you wish to make some new friends and tread Tallinn's streets with the local hard-partying youth then get yourself signed up on the famous notremembered pubcrawl.

The price includes 3 beers, a special shot and an opportunity to spice up your stay with a dash across some of the coolest nightlife spots in the city (entrances included).

NB! All our regular tours are in ENGLISH. Private tours are available in different languages

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On the tour we cover:

  • Estonian Way of Partying
  • Tallinn's most popular bars & pubs
  • Free entrance to a club
  • Local party maniac
  • 3 beers + 1 special shot

Prices for private tours:

This tour is also available as a private tour. Private tours can be booked only for your group and for your requested time.

  1. 2 persons: €75/per person
  2. 3 persons: €50/per person
  3. 4 persons: €37/per person
  4. 5 persons: €30/per person
  5. 6 persons: €25/per person

Starting point

Tours depart from the Tallinn Tourist Info Center on the corner of Harju and Niguliste street.

Contact: tallinn@traveller.ee.
Phone: +372 5837 4800.

Reviews - Tallinn Pubcrawl / Walking Tours

My buddy and I signed up for the pub crawl with Tallinn Traveller Tours and were not disappointed. Marii and Kristiina were our extremely friendly and accommodating guides. They showed us several places that the locals frequent and gave us great insight into Tallinn history and culture. We would not hesitate to book a tour with Tallinn Traveller in the future. Thanks again!
Jake, USA
if you want to have a special night, you have to join this pubcrawl. You will visit special places you will never see if you are just a tourist in Tallinn! cheers
Stijn, Holland!
We had a great time on our Pubcrawl this summer. It was the perfect way to meet new people, see the city, and have fun! Our tour guide Mart was awesome and we would definitely recommend the tour and hope to do it again next summer.
Katie and Mike, United States
Had a super fun time on the pub crawl.We've not laughed that much in a long time. Estonians have a great sense of humour, especially Mart. We will be returning in December.
Megan and Mum , England
The pubcrawl was great, we had a good time, met new people, and found out a lot about Tallinn´s nightlife, we´ll be back in Tallinn, and we will be sure to hit the pubcrawl again!
Björn, Finland
We had an awesome time in Tallinn thanks to your tour and lovely hospitality! It was a memorable trip with all your help. The pub crawl was definitely the best part with drinks we could not pronounce in places only locals go to! Great initiative all around, would do it all again in a heart beat! Cheers!
Ekin, Turkey
A wee poem about the Tallinn tent in Scots/Glaswegian: ——- The Tallinn Tent’s a Stoater, Full-a things tae dae, Once yiv seen Tallinn’s sights, You’ll shuirly want tae stay ——- The Pub crawl’s trully gallus, The bars are full beer, If ahd got mair money, Ahd want tae stay a year ——- The lassies are aw bonnie, They’ll try tae nip a kiss, The Tallinn Tent Pub Crawl, Isnie one tae miss!
Andy, Glasgow, Scotland
Have been to the Pub Crawl at least five times – the best and easiest way to meet new and cool people from all over the world.
Dario, Germany
No matter which of the them takes the Pubcrawl tour you will have a great time meeting other travellers and local Estonians. You even get to sample a truly horrid but must-try Jellyfish shot and if you’re especially lucky, Tallinn’s very own Paris Hilton look-alike may join the group.
Andrew, www.goyourownway.info
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