Isabel Customer Happiness Manager

Isabel is our office manager aka head of logistics. She matches travellers with the right tour guides 24/7 and she is really good at it. This doesn’t come as a surprise, at one point in university she worked seven jobs at the same time while keeping a GPA of 5.0 - she studies PR (we think she has access to a time travel device or doesn’t need sleep to survive, both theories are plausible).

It is difficult to find a place where she has not held a job in Tallinn - this is from doing PR to top-notch restaurants in Tallinn to being an instructor on a hot-air balloon. She has also sold tennis balls, been a horseback riding coach (as well as the champion of Estonia in horseback riding in 2011) and probably done a bunch of stuff she doesn’t deem worthy of mention but are definitely awesome. She is also a part of a science-show group - they perform by doing exciting experiments - mostly controlled explosions and setting things on fire. Oh, and she speaks five different languages (Estonian, English, Russian, French & Chinese).

Isabel dreams of becoming the president of Estonia one day but if that fails she will be content with being the person who tests first class seats on new airplanes.

If you have a logistics question, she will figure it out because she is a management superhero.

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