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Siim Tanel has studied law - he likes to say that the air we breathe is not only a mix of gases but it is also blessed by the constitution-particles in it. He finds it inevitable and beautiful.

If he is not doing tours, Siim can be found reading, writing or cycling. He plays the accordion in a klezmer-band (Google it, it is awesome) and likes to hike. He plans on taking the Trans-Siberian railway one day - we have yet to tell him that being in an old Soviet train for days is not as romantic as it sounds.

Before becoming a tour guide Siim has worked in catering which is one of those jobs that feeds you but doesn’t always feed your soul. He has also worked in the Tallinn Town Hall and being in a 600-year-old building makes you perceive time differently (we often find him staring into the abyss). He also proudly talks about his socio-political coffee-club with his grandmother and we are anxiously waiting for an invite.

On Siim Tanel’s tours you can expect to be taken on a historical path through time and space - he will put things into a greater context and can easily connect a street in Tallinn in Medieval times to a modern house in Madrid with one stop. He is a socially critical person with an eye for architecture on the side.

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