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Tallinn Free Tour
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Tallinn Free Tour

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Who said tours can't be fun? Join our young guides for a walk on the centuries old streets of the Tallinn Old Town as they tell you colorful tales of the city, its history and its people.

Estonia's story is a complex one, but the young guides know how to lay down the wisdom without getting stuck in the dizzying world of numbers and figures. The best part is that they like to have fun while doing so. The even better part – the tours are FREE! Our Free Tour guides work only on tips.

NB! For groups bigger than 8 people please book in advance tallinn@traveller.ee!

Please note - Tallinn Free Tour attracts a lot of people (especially from May to September). If you want to have the guide just for your group then please book the Old Town Walking Tour.

NB! Tallinn Free Tour is in ENGLISH and leaves every day at noon in front of the city tourist information at Niguliste 2.

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On the tour we cover:

  • Tallinn's Famous Churches
  • Freedom Square
  • Kiek in de Kök
  • Danish King's Garden
  • Toompea
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Viewpoints
  • Tallinn Town Hall Square
  • Old Tallinn City Wall
  • Harju street

Starting point

Tours depart from Tallinn Tourist Info Center. On the corner of Harju and Niguliste street.

Contact: tallinn@traveller.ee.
Phone: +372 5837 4800.

Reviews - Tallinn Free Tour / Walking Tours

My friend and I went on the Old Town Walking tour in June 2013 (it was free when we went, though I'm not sure if it's still free). It was a bright, sunny, beautiful day, and Karoli Loo was our tour guide. WOW! What a fantastic guide. Bubbly (full of energy), charismatic, incredibly knowledgeable and very funny (great dry sense of humor). This was one of the best walking tours I'd ever been on. Tallinn's old town is beautiful -- like something out of a fairy tale. I highly recommend going on this tour. Make sure you have Karoli. She was great! :) Thanks, Tallinn Traveller Day Tours. This definitely made my time in Tallinn unforgetable. :)
Dan Stroiman, USA/Hungary
I took this tour, and it really really made my day. Seriously, thank you Heli, it was awesome!
Guille, Spain
We altogether three people took the free walking tour in July 2013. We really enjoyed it as Celia, our guide, answered all our questions and has her own enthusiastic way of getting knowledge across so that you can't stop listening. Overall this tour is an amazing offer which we would recommend and would love to take part in again.
Natalie, Germany
I took Tallin free tour. The tour was awesome as well as the guide Heli;) i would highly recommend this tour to everyone visiting Tallin. It is fun and you learn a lot about the city and citizens)))
Vasilisa, Russia
We as a group of 15 rouhgly people took the free walking tour. We had a lot of fun and I still remember a lot of the interesting stories about Tallinn. Tank you Heli of this amazing experience!
Johan, Holland
Celia took us around Tallinn old town for the free walking tour. Not only did she know every detail about the city and its history but she delivered it with passion and humor. A definite must as soon as you arrive.
Michael, Australia
Free Tallinn Walking Tour - With 20+ walking tours behind me, Anne has to be one of the best guides I have seen in a long time... She has the perfect balance between info and humor. You cannot go wrong her being your guide in this beautiful city so SIGN UP NOW before someone else books her for a tour.
Kellly, Texas, USA
I took the free walking tour alone and it was great, very informative and the guide Silja made it very easy to chat to the others on the tour about Tallinn history. Definitely a good place to start to get a grip of the city.
Adam McCallum, Scotland
The 15th of may, in Tallinn, we had a chance to meet a very efficient travel agency, " Tallinn Traveller tours " as we thought of having a tour through the outstanding Lahemaa National Park. Quite by chance, we got a guide for both of us, Mart, whose proficiency and kindness deserve to be highly praised. Thanks to him, we could stroll through the park for not least than ten hours ( ! ) for a rather fair price, so that we could see prominent aeras and discover some scarcely visited spots. We did enjoy this trip and we warmly recommand this excellent agency to those who are keem on unusual discoveries. Pierre et Catherine de Paris
Thevenin, France
Awesome walking tour very fun and informative!;)
Ben, Australia
Had a great time on the free city walking tour. It took about an hour, My guide was Anne and she was a good guide to listen to. We were taken around some of the famous sites around the old town. We met at the tourist information centre very close to the old town square. Anne was both very informative and charismatic. I had a great time.
Luke, UK
Here is a link to a review from one of the leading newspapers in Norway: http://www.dagbladet.no/2013/01/08/tema/reise/tallinn/storbyferie/ferie/25089042/ There is also a video from some of the Free walking tour The text is written in Norwegian but Google translate did a quite good translation to English.
Arild, Norway
Heli was very enthusiastic and helpfull. Thanks Heli for wonderfull tour. May god bless you and wish you have a wonderfull life. Thanks for your help :).
Salim Poonawala, Espoo, Finland
I want to thank out tour leader Heli for a both informative and fun tour of Tallinn. It was great despite the awful weather.
Ele, Lithuania
Had an amazing walking tour with Heli today, very informative and enjoyable, had a great sense of humour which made the tour all round fun. Cheers :)
Julian, Australia
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thank you Silja for your great enthousiasm telling about your country and Tallinn. Your tips for travelling through Estonia were fantastic. it was really a fantastic journey! kind regards from Holland!
Stijn, Holland
I want to thank Helen for a very nice and interesting tour i Tallinn july 2012. You cared about us in the sun. You also chose the right balanse between historical facts and some more entertaining, spectatular stories. Once again thank you. Recommended
Øystein, Norway
Great tour. Our guide Helle was hilarious, entertaining and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.
Ami, NZ
Last week we visited Tallinn and I went to visit Tallinn Traveller Tours to ask some questions. All staff-members were super friendly and helpful. Afterwards I joined the free tour with Silja - it was my best city tour with even the best guide.... Silja was very familiar with the area and the history - and knew how to match everything together that it keeps an interesting and fun tour!!!! Thx for the great tour!
Christian , Germany
Hicimos el Tallinn Free Tour y nos encanto. Nos parecio ameno y completo. La guia era un encanto, simpatica y nos supo transmitir muchos aspectos del dia a dia que, de otra manera, no llegas a conocer. En definitiva, es absolutamente recomendable reservar ese ratito (de 12 a 2) para dejarse llevar y conocer Tallinn.
Sandra y Cesar, Spain
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Sheena Cason, Canada
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
Extremely good tour around Tallinn's old town. Brilliant ''performance" of sarcastic but, in fact, completely friendly Heli (14.02)! I would love to participate again :)
Adam, Poland
Had a great time with Ann on the Walking Tour and with Anne on the Bike Tour. Well done and thank you all for making my stay in Tallinn so good!
Diego, Italy
Thank you Ann - your talk + walk was great fun even in the rain!
Sarah and Steve, England
I've done a lot of walking tours, and this was one of the best ever! The guide was knowledgeable, lively, and funny. Highly recommended.
Deborah, USA
We had a great time on the walking tour, the young lady who ran the tour had a lot of great information and made the tour lots of fun, I would recommend this is a heartbeat :)
Meaghan and Jeremy, Australia
It was a very refreshing and fast paced walking tour. We had a great number of people in our tour which made it a bit harder to hear everything, but it worked. Our tour guide was very informative in her description of the buildings and sites we were able to see. Her personal opinions reflected the "true history" of Tallinn! The tour started on time and ended on time which made the rest of our plans go smoothly. Thanks for a great job!
Mark, USA
Heli was great!
John, USA

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