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    • Do you mean Peeter Rebane? I think we should update that post to 25 famous Estonians. The article was created a long time ago an there are many bright minds popped out in the latest years.

    • Hey Anna!
      Totally agree, Nublu is very cool! At the time of this article being written though he wasn’t famous yet. Maybe we should write a new on. Thank you for your input! 🙂
      All the Best

  1. Arvo Pärt is definitely NOT the guy who wrote the Star Wars soundtrack. If this was true, you would be able to read more about it except on this page. After doing some research (cause i was really wondering about it) the statement that he was involved in the Star Wars Soundtrack seems like total Bullshit! Maybe you can find links to other sources that confirm that claim? I guess you can’t, cause there is none.

    • He (Arvo Pärt) even managed to out-do John Williams. He’s (John Williams) the guy who wrote the soundtrack for Star Wars!