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Day Trips from Tallinn

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"Tallin to Riga"

From Riga to Vilnius we booked a private tour. This allowed us to visit sites we wouldn't have seen otherwise. Our exceptional guide, Laurynas, took us to amazing locations, treating us like friends the whole time. We asked him questions and he asked us questions. The experience was a mutually connecting cultural exchange. He shared local folk music, local foods, and a playlist to match the sites. Thank you for showing us around the country.

"Tallin to Riga"

Kamile treated us to a special tour of local sites. The restaurant served excellent local cuisine. She made suggestions to match our tastes. She enjoyed telling us the history of the country. The military muesum might appear "cheesy" but look closer, and realize the context.

"Nice trip with a lot of information and beautiful places!"

It was nice to do the trip with a small group and stop at beautiful places you otherwise wouldn’t see if you are just travelling by normal bus. I know a lot more of the country thanks to this and off course thanks to Anna. She really knows a lot and is comforting everyone so we all could have a trip to remember!

"Best way to see Estonia and Latvia"

We did the private tour from Tallinn to Riga. It was the best way to see everything in between the two cities. From quaint little towns to lush forests. The amazing sceneries along the journey was eye opening and most importantly. Kamile our lovely driver/guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging. Absolutely highly recommended and opt for the private tour option should budget allows.

"Great way to travel from Tallinn to Riga"

This 12 hour journey from Tallinn to Riga is the best way to travel between the 2 cities if you are not in a hurry. The pace of the trip is quite easy, there are a lot of stops (5 in all if my memory serves well), so you don't stay too much at once in the minivan. All the stops are cool and in each of them Anna told us lots of things about them and the history of the 2 countries. She was an excellent driver, enternainer and story teller, as well as group photographer. We have some really nice moments that took place during the trip that we'll remember for a long time.

"Terrible guide, expected more for the price"

First and foremost, our guide/driver was a dreadful driver. She wasn't confident at all, frequently over-revving the engine and on two occasions, stalling. Her driving was erratic and I didn't feel safe in the vehicle. Secondly, she was not a good public speaker - we had several points in the tour where she would talk to the group about the landmark we were visiting. She didn't come across confident and didn't seem like she knew all that much about the places. Looking round the faces of the group while she was talking, it was evident that other people felt the same. She also at one point said that "the Nazi's didn't seem that bad" and made some fairly disparaging remarks about Russia/Russian people. Thirdly, the division of time at the stops was poor - it was barely worth stopping in the national park to walk a short distance and then go back to the van, and in Cesis, we had only 30 minutes free time - though not a large place, I would have liked to have a bit more time to explore. When we arrived, the castle was already closed, but had we arrived when it was open, we wouldn't have had time to see it anyway. Finally, the restaurant at which the tour stopped had no vegan options - both my partner and I are vegan and this was not mentioned beforehand. We've taken several similar trips in other countries and with other providers - usually mealtimes are factored into the free time at one of the stops, allowing people a choice of restaurants etc to suit dietary requirements. All in all, I don't think the tour represented good value for money, I certainly wouldn't recommend it and I wish that we'd taken the train or a regular coach instead.


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