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  1. Hello Richard. So how was Tallin on the 23rd of June? I’m going there next 23 June 2016. Should we be in the city, or leave the city as it will be death? Will there be festivals, parties etcetera?

  2. Thanks so much for the article, we had quite a laugh. We are in Tallin at the 23. and thanks to u we are now not that frustrated. Cheers!

  3. suur aitäh for this article, made me laugh 🙂

    are all of these jaanipäeav events taking place this year as well?

    greetings viinist!

    • Hey!

      Some are definitely happening, but some might not. The prison seems to be on a hiatus at the moment and will probably not hold an event, the rest seem to be happening, though. Try to google it a few weeks before the events, because that is when the concrete info is up.