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Things to do in Riga

Things to Do in Riga in 2024: The Complete Guide

Riga, Latvia – the biggest of the three Baltic capitals lures travellers in with its magnificent Old Town, beautiful and sometimes terrifying Art Nouveau buildings, vibrant nightlife and cheap yet excellent and abundant flight connections to the rest... Read more

Top 6 Best Day Trips From Tallinn

If you are visiting Estonia for more than a few days chances are you will find some free time and want to get out of Tallinn.  When you’ve already gone to museums, walked the through the old town... Read more

Best Things to Do in Kalamaja, Tallinn

Kalamaja is the quickest changing, most talked about area of Tallinn. By the time you have finished reading this, a new cafe or a craft beer pub has probably opened its doors.  If you are looking for a... Read more

Best Things to Do in Kadriorg, Tallinn

Kadriorg is considered the most beautiful area of Tallinn. This picturesque district is in the city center, yet feels secluded as it is surrounded by trees creating a small town feel. Whether you go there to admire the... Read more

A Pubcrawl to Kopli: An Unexpected Journey

Kopli – a vision of smelly trams, deteriorated wooden houses and not so well-off life pops into the heads of Tallinn locals when someone mentions this area. If it were Hunger Games and the city center of Tallinn... Read more

Top 9 Coolest Abandoned Places in Estonia

Estonian property laws changed heavily at least five times in the 20th century. As a result, many buildings were demolished or simply forgotten, making Estonia a gold mine for people looking for things left behind. Over the last... Read more

7 Estonian Ways to Handle the Heat

For the past week or so, Estonia has been hit by a heatwave. There are many different things to do in such a situation, one could enjoy it and spend time outdoors, make smoothies and have a cold... Read more

5 Surprising Reasons to Visit Tallinn Off-Season

European capital cities during summertime tend to get filled with cliché imitation medievalness, flyers of Italian restaurants and those house-shaped kitchen magnets… a lot of kitchen magnets. The same does happen in Tallinn. Sure, I do think Tallinn... Read more

Homage to Kalamaja, Tallinn

Ten minutes from the Old Town, between fixed geared bicycles, weird beards and modern art, you’ll stumble upon beautiful wooden houses and odd restaurants in abandoned factories. The Kalamaja area has turned into the humble home of Tallinn’s... Read more

Tallinn: A Day at the Museum

Want to know how trams are made? Or marzipan? Or climb into a submarine to make your friends jealous? Most of these examples are a bit eccentric, but that just proves the fact Tallinn has some awesomely weird... Read more

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