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    • Hello!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Early October is a good time to visit Estonia. There are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Weather – it can be lovely, warm (about 10-15C) and golden, it can also be rainy, windy and quite chilly. With our climate we never know. Don’t trust the long term forecasts, few days in advance is most accurate. 2. Most museums and tour companies enter the “off-season” in October. This means shorter opening times (Monday museums are closed) and less tours going out (so book in advance). 3. On the positive, usually prices are lower and there might be good offers for accommodation etc.

      Good luck with your travels!

  1. Hi !
    Enjoyed your article. We are planning to visit Tallinn on 24th feb. but I just realised that it is your Independence Day!
    Will everything be closed on the 24th as it’s a public holiday ? I wanted to do the free walk in the old town & visit museums etc. Will it be better if we visit on the 25th instead?

    • Hi, the free walking tour is going out every day, but the museums will be closed on the 24th, but the bad thing is that 25th is Monday this year and on Monday also most of the museums are closed anyway. The bigger shops are all open and smaller shops in old town are probably also open, but might have shorter working ours on the 24th.

  2. Hello,

    thanks for the post. I am from Latin America, Argentina. I will go to Estonia, Tallin, in december. What about security? ( i know, is a question proper of our countries); you have said that stonians are shy, or you need to hesitate to initiate a conversation; I am interested to talk with a stonian, our countries are so different; best and see you , do you have any concept about latin american’s (of course, all people are individuals)? For example, here , we imagine estonians… …. No, we don’t have any idea about you, estonia, Letonia, and Lituania are three misteries; I believe would be the same for you (for example Paraguay Argentina and Uruguay- what do you think? differences? 🙂 )Best!

  3. I plan to visit Tallin from Helsinki by the second week of March next year. Is there still snow during that month? Im not really after thick snow but I want to capture some medieval “fairytale photos” when I get there. Thanks!