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Top 10: Places to Visit Beyond Tallinn

After booking your flights and doing some research about Tallinn, you probably realized you have a bit of excess time. Since Tallinn is indeed only a very small part of Estonia, you can see most of it in... Read more

Tallinn Old Town

Winter Wonders in Tallinn

For those able to bear a -10C (or -25C, depends on your luck) weather, Tallinn during winters offers a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re here for a short time of a few hours, a long... Read more

Tallinn old town view

Top 10: Best Free Things to Do in Tallinn

Tallinn has over the last ten years been discovered by tourists from all over the world visiting the cozy city all year long. Tallinn definitely isn’t the most expensive place in Europe or even the most expensive place... Read more

Tallinn old town

Tallinn – Need to Know Basics

Estonia – the little country on top of Latvia and under Finland – is quite the odd one out. Lacking both the Balticness of its southern neighbors and the nordicness of the Scandinavians, it has a lot to... Read more

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