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  1. The most funny article i read in a while.
    You truly made my day (not good in the beginning ) makes me want to meet you. Or adopt you. Maybe kidnap you and use you as a personal humorist. Many thanks.

    • Hello Dean,
      Yes, in Estonian this animal is called põder but the confusion comes in using the English term. The species living in Estonia is common for Eurasia (and also North-America) and in Latin named Alces alces. Here the author used American English and it that case moose is valid, in British English it should be elk, you are absolutely right this is more used in Europe.
      Thank you for noticing this and pointing it out to us!

      All the Best,
      Traveller Team

  2. I encountered a couple dozen of the latest buzzing out of a chimney two summers ago, as I was waiting in the rustic yet comfy restroom before entering the sauna of a cabin lost in da woodz around Mädara. Wearing nothing but a towel around my waist and a bottle of A.le Coq Special, I had to take a respite while I clearly felt particular parts of my anatomy shrivel significantly in that unglorious moment..
    Last winter, it was a fox sitting on the side of the road, as I was driving back to Tallinn from Uudeküla after a game of snow rugby (!) He looked sad and jaded, like a furry Woody Hallen, sort of.
    A wolf in Vanalinn. You’re right by the way. He was rather galant and offered me a drink!

    Yet, I’m still waiting for The Mighty Dreaded Mooze ™
    Maybe this year, for Jaanipäev?

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