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  1. Nice to see and read good, subtle, and kind-hearted Estonian humor on Facebook. The rest of the posts I read tend to be about a large orange man with a bad haircut. Somebody told me he was one of our public servants. Joudu!

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  3. “Over time, Estonians have come to accept the Australians as their own, despite their easy going nature and positive outlook on life.”

    This is hilarious!!

    Looking forward to finding fellow Australians and quizzing them on life in Estonia.

    • Where did you get that info from? Alcohol is cheaper in Russia, but nobody will bother with getting a visa and sitting on the bus for hours if you can jump on a ferry with your id card at any time

      • I think there are more Finns that go to Estonia, but quite a lot of them come to Russia as well. You don’t need a visa here if you come by ferry for up to 3 days.

  4. Well I’ll be damned ! A sense of humor? I always joked & laughed & my Mom who ran away in ’41 thought I was a problem. Maybe I take after my Dad who is who?Coming in May with an Esti passport (67 yrs. old) to find my family. Hope they like Rap & Hip Hop.LOL

  5. Very nice! One of those great-grandmothers you mention – 3 generations of my offspring speak Estonian – and are trying to improve on it, besides reading the Estonian news on the Internet.

  6. You have forgotten Belarussians: speak Russian, look stressed, little money, modest cars, found in Old Town and wholesale supermarkets; are unerroneously identified by the 2 most common phrases uttered with the characteristic accent “Let’s not go there – it surely is not safe” (to the partner) and “Stay here until I am back and don’ t touch anything” ( to the kid(s)).
    Greetings from Minsk:)

  7. This was nice and to the point. But I am disappointed that the reindeer picture was for number 3 and not 5. You know, normally reindeer are the ones that live in North and go on four legs.

  8. Hahahaha! That’s funny and pretty much applicable to Latvia as well. BTW, I am one of those Latvians, who loves Tallinn and with it quite often. Might be the case, I blend with local Russians (though I don’t have BMW)

  9. What? No entry for välis eestlased? They look like Estonians, except with better hair and teeth (at least as far as guys are concerned), but they speak Estonian like your great grandmother would have, often with an accent.

  10. Funny and TRUE!!! But I wish they had included Väliseestlased. We are not really foreigners since many of us still consider Estonia our homeland, but I would have liked to have seen what they wrote about us. Perhaps: Väliseestlased can be spotted carrying bunches of rukkililled (blue corn floweres) and shopping at stores that have the Eesti Käsitöö logo. They love to lunch at Komeet – Anni Arros’s cafe/restaurant in Solaris where they meet up with long lost relatives) The younger ones are known to gather at Hell Hunt ( a bar on Pikk Street). They’re favourite spots to visit are family homesteads, cemeteries, and manor houses.

  11. Estonians would never go over the Russian boarder to get Alcohol, the quality is shit and it takes too much time on th eboarder 😀 so that’s fake! I’d rather go to Czechoslovakia to get a fine beer, !
    Everything else perfect! Well done!!!

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  13. This was funny Mart and quite on point, but I agree you missed the foreigners (mainly from Italy, UK, Spain and we arrived in that order) who came here out of curiosity and married a local girl. These tourists still come here in droves in search of love. You might call them sex tourists, but I don’t think thats fair since we were looking for love. Some of them are still searching 😉 Nice illustrations BTW.

  14. I’m going to visit Tallinn on May. Now I’m afraid to blend in, probably will wear Latvian hockey team jersey 🙂

  15. Ha Ha 😀 Very good!!! I’m Latvian and Ma armastan Tallin!!! So I visit pretty often. Probably I’m blending in, as I have a lot of Eesti friends.

  16. Bullshit! I know plenty of people who live in Latvia and come to Estonia every now and then 🙂
    Come to Latvia, let’s drink ourselves to shit (we love you too)!