Karolis (LT) Certified Tour Guide

Karolis is our very own happy camper. He loves nature and spending time in it in good company. This makes him the perfect tour guide for our day trips.

He has studied Biology and Biodiversity. His studies made him aware and curious of everything around him - there are so many stories in the nature that usually remind stories untold: animal tracks, plants used by our ancestors. Karolis believes that our culture is shaped by the nature surrounding us.

Karolis is a fan of challenging himself - he has taken up a 7000km hitchhiking trip, sleeps in a tent if possible and spent weeks at sea to learn things about himself and his surroundings.

On his tours, Karolis will make sure you will find your own stories and connections to the places you visit, all of this spiced with some interesting details about nature and culture.

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What people say about Karolis (LT)

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Awesome tour!!! "

This was a great tour - it gave us the opportunity to see places along the way between Riga and Vilnius that we wouldn't otherwise have seen since we were short on time.... the bus was comfortable and since the group was small it was a really enjoyable trip without the 'big group' feeling!

"An excellent way to transfer between countries"

The Riga to Vilnius transfer went without any hick ups. We had an guide/driver, well informed and a former Biologist. A full mini van with splendid and diverse conversation. The trip is long but a great way of getting between the two counties and visiting The Hill of Crosses on the way. Highly recommend.

"Great way to travel from Vilnius to Riga"

100% recommended! The tour guide (Carols? not sure how to spell it, but is the guy that studied biology) was great, super friendly and helpful :) and every place we visited was worth it, except where we ate, food was awful! I think nobody liked it. Everything else was perfect.

"Interesting, informal and pleasant"

Karolis is a friendly guide who immediately made us feel at ease, and gave us a lot of interesting information about each stop along the view. The small group of 8 people is a plus: we made friends with almost all of the participants. The time in each stop is adeguate to tour the place and the places themselves are quite interesting and worthy of visit. The general price is honest. I would definitely recommend this tour to other tourists.

"Very pleasant trip"

The stops were all very nice, and the explanation and cultural discussions were terrific.

"Nice Alternative"

Your options from Talinn to Riga are limited and rather than take a long train ride or a dreaded airport visit, I decided to take a Traveller tour van and see some more of the countryside. Karolis, our guide, was fantastic, he was very knowledgeable, and an overall good guy who had a passion for the area. He told stories with heart that were more than just about the sights, but about the people and the emotional history behind them. The van was comfortable, the group I was with was great. Bathroom breaks were not an issue as you're only driving for max two hours at a time. Toward the end of the almost 12-hour excursion, I was more than ready to arrive at my hotel, and some of the stops (the military museum) were a bit dull, to be honest, but again Karolis' stories made them interesting. Truth be told there isn't a whole lot to see on the route, but at least you can say you checked it out. Overall, as a single traveler, I would definitely recommend.

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