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Daumants is from Latvia and he says that he was born to be a geographer. We are not entirely sure what that means because he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty with digging around and looking for funny rocks. Instead he likes to gaze at the sky and dream - this too is an option for a geographer. Daumants has even been a professional weather broadcaster on Latvian radio. This means of course that he has no trouble with public talking or finding a subject to talk about.

Other than weather Daumants is also a fan of human history and that of planets. Get him talking about Mars or the Moon and you will never hear the end of it. Like any Latvian Daumants likes fast things, especially cars. If driving can be called a hobby then this would be one of Daumants’.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"An Excellent Sightseeing Tour from Tallinn to Riga"

Our tour guide, Daumants, was very professional, and knowledgeable. We learned a lot of historical information about the five sights and their significance in the Estonia and Latvia history. Thank you! We will highly recommend this tour to friends if they come to visit the Baltic states.

"See the country!"

Overall my friend and I enjoyed this tour as a way to see more than just the capital cities. We really liked stopping in Viljandi and the castle ruins there. We did not enjoy the prolonged stop at the Estonian war museum- all in Estonian without English- while waiting for our lunch (not ordered ahead of time, so no tables available). We didn't eat lunch until around 2:30/3pm so bring snacks....! We really enjoyed the stop at Gaujas national park in Latvia despite the downpour during our brief hike. We enjoyed the stop in Cesis including some time for a drink- we should've gotten a snack as well. We also stopped at a bobsled run before finally reaching Riga- it offered beautiful views but could've been skipped to reach Riga before 9:45pm.

"Caught in the rain, still loved it"

The guide picks you up from the center of Tallinn and drops you back in the center of Riga.. telling you incredible stories of his grandfather in the second world war as he walks you through museum tours and the country side hike. Fabulous time.

"A very passionate tour of Latvia and Estonia"

Daumants enjoyed guiding us through the tour, he was highly motivated and enriched the experience with his personal life stories. If you wanna have a sip of these countries and you don’t have much time this is definitely a must.

"Great tour"

Great tour, knowledgeable, nice guide, good lunch, absolutly loved the national park with the sandy cliffs :)

"The Perfect Transfer Tour"

This is a great way to see more sights while transferring from Riga to Vilnius. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly. My only recommendation is if we’re running late and a sight we should see closes soon, make sure to go there first upon arrival, then see the remaining sights in the town.

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