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Sten was a great guide and knew a lot of history by heart about the areas we went to. The sun was also very nice on the day and it was an enjoyable experience away from the city.

"Fun day with Sten!"

It was a fun sunny day with Stan as we explored the countryside . We enjoyed the beautiful coastal cliffs , amazing the Keia Joa Falls and surrounding area . We saw the Rummu quarry and heard a lot of interesting stories and its history of prison tales . We had delicious lunch at a local cafe and the Russian airplane that seems to have been part of Star Wars series. Thanks Sten for a beautiful sunny day !

"Excursion très enrichissante"

Nous avons vécu une journée très riche, grâce à la multiplicité des sites visités. Notre guide était très agréable à suivre et nous avons particulièrement apprécié toutes ses anecdotes sur la région qu’il prenait un plaisir évident à raconter. Nous garderons longtemps en mémoire la traversée pédestre de la tourbière.

"A one-day glimpse into Estonia (and a swim in a bog!)"

If you thought you were “just” going for a tour of beautiful Lahemaa park, think again. Our brilliant guide gave us a glimpse at the Estonian psyche as much as the history and how it was to be Estonian in the past decades. You also get to swim in a bog and eat some hearty local dishes, on top of the beautiful landscapes. Pro-tip: get some mosquito repellant, they are relentless. And ask for beer tips.

"Wonderful trip filled with Estonian history and nature"

We were the only people in the tour so the trip became a private tour. The guide Sten kindly took us around many beautiful places, which we could not have been without this tour. At every place, he explained so much about Estonia’s history, especially because the tour was on the Estonia’s independence day. Even after going to all the places on the website, he took us for another German manor for extra time. We definitely recommend the tour which will show you astonishing nature beyond expectation.

"Amazing Eastern Estonia / Narva Tour"

Sten was amazing on our private tour. He is so full of knowledge and provided an in-depth history of Estonia and the roles Germany and the Soviet Union and Russia played along the way to Narva. Even in winter, the tour was well worth it.

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