Liine Certified Senior Tour Guide

Liine is not only a culture theorist of Middle-East (which is an essential skill for a tour guide of Tallinn), she also bakes a mad good cake (which, is also a very good quality for a tour guide).

She loves to travel and would jump at the opportunity to live in every part of the world for a short time. Currently, though, she is not traveling and discovering the world herself, she stays put in Tallinn showing this lovely capital to others wanting to discover.

Liine is also a nature-fan, if there is a bonfire, she will appear next to it in ten minutes and less. That is how we lured her to join our company - with a massive bonfire.

Because she is from an island, if Liine is too far from the sea for too long, she will be sad. The island-folk, including Liine, just stare lazily into the sea and forget how to use some vowels other Estonians know, granting us a chance to make fun of her by saying a lot of words with the letter “Õ”. Only Estonians will get the last joke, the rest - take a tour with Liine and she will explain!

If Liine doesn’t end up travelling the whole world and being awesome, she will most probably end up living in a forest with a bunch of cats, which is also awesome, because cats are awesome.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Good eats in Estonia"

Our guide Lina (sp?) Took us to 6 different places. We had a wide variety of Estonia food. From pastries and desserts to appetizers to main meals it was all wonderful. But what made the tour even better was Lena's vast knowledge of Estonian history and cultural history. She was informative witty and a delight. In the end we waddled out of the last restaurant unable to have one more mouthful. So the amount of food is more than adequate. The Highlight for me was the Sprat with quail eggs. For my wife it was the dumplings. Most of the food that we ate was comfort food that estonian's ate throughout history which is exactly what we wanted but it might be fun to have a higher end option. Overall if you want good food with great value this is the tour for you.

"Great winter experience at Lehemaa N.P."

First of all the communication with Traveller Tours has been very good. They trips were not sure yet, but they informed me well about the situation. Finaly i booked a trip to Lahemaa N.P. with 5 other guys and Liine as our Tour Guide. It was a great day in a wonderful winter landscape. Everything was fine. Liine has been very flexible. While driving she told us a lot of facts about her country. She drove very sure on snowy streets. All in all it was a great day, which i can definetly recommend. Thanks to Liine.

"Ghost Tour"

Had a wonderful evening with Liine who really bought the town to life. Such a brilliant tour with best hot chocolate at the end. Highly recommend!!

"One way ride to Mazsalaca"

We travelled from Tallin to a small town in Latvia’s north, Mazsalaca. 5 of us and our guide Liine through a wintery, dramatic landscape. It was one of the best trips ever because as we drove Liine gave us a history lesson that was so wonderful and clear and interesting that even the teenagers were enthralled. Suddenly we were no longer just in a bus, we were part of the crusades or part of the war. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we looked at the world around us with new eyes. I would have gladly turned around and done the trip once more that same day. That’s how good it was. Thank you so much Liine and your wonderful company, I can not recommend you highly enough. Simply brilliant .

"Wonderful Night Walk through Tallinn"

This was a perfect walk through the night and our guide Liine was so ambitious. She told us stories about Tallinn we had never heard before. I can say this was such a good idea to book this tour.

"beautiful place, amazing tour guide"

Tour guide was amazing. The national park is truly beautiful. We went for a super lunch also.

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