Liine Certified Senior Tour Guide

Liine is not only a culture theorist of Middle-East (which is an essential skill for a tour guide of Tallinn), she also bakes a mad good cake (which, is also a very good quality for a tour guide).

She loves to travel and would jump at the opportunity to live in every part of the world for a short time. Currently, though, she is not traveling and discovering the world herself, she stays put in Tallinn showing this lovely capital to others wanting to discover.

Liine is also a nature-fan, if there is a bonfire, she will appear next to it in ten minutes and less. That is how we lured her to join our company - with a massive bonfire.

Because she is from an island, if Liine is too far from the sea for too long, she will be sad. The island-folk, including Liine, just stare lazily into the sea and forget how to use some vowels other Estonians know, granting us a chance to make fun of her by saying a lot of words with the letter “Õ”. Only Estonians will get the last joke, the rest - take a tour with Liine and she will explain!

If Liine doesn’t end up travelling the whole world and being awesome, she will most probably end up living in a forest with a bunch of cats, which is also awesome, because cats are awesome.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Stunning Tour with Amazing Guide"

We had an amazing time on the tour. The day itself was perfectly balanced between the various activities/sights. Liine was an incredible guide. She was extremely knowledgeable, funny, and her stories about Estonian folk tales were really interesting. Would 100% recommend to anyone visiting Tallinn.

"Perfect tour guide"

We joined the tour led by Liine on 6 Feb. She is so knowledgeable about the history of Estonia as well as many different jokes. We did enjoy and laugh very much! We went to Gadja National Park and saw the transquil and gorgeous scenic view of the Gadja River. We have been talking between ourselves that we were lucky and are so glad that we had made our trip through

"Great day discovering Estonia and Latvia"

Our journey started at 9 o'clock without any problems. I was curious about Estonian culture&way of life and Liine answered all my question with such interest. She was a great guide during all our tour. I'm glad that I choose this tour instead of a classic way to link these two capitals. I highly recommend Traveller tours and Liine ! Best regards,

"Great nature close to Tallinn!"

A great trip if you want to see something of Estonias countryside! Nice stop at the Jägala waterfall (the biggest waterfall in Estonia), walking through the Viru bog and the wetlands, hike along the coast in Altja and an interesting stop at Käsmu village with the private maritime Museum. We learned a lot about the country and its people from our guide.

"A great way to travel between Tallinn and Riga"

We were a group of 7 people from different countries on the day trip from Tallinn to Riga. Our driver/guide was Liine. She was so interesting, very knowledgeable and passionate about history, and had a wonderful sense of humour. She really did make the day, although a long one, a great one. She was very happy to answer questions about her country from us, and the trip was great. We would highly recommend this trip as a great way to travel between Tallinn and Riga, see some of both countries along the way, and learn a lot about the history and culture of the countries. A great job, Liine.

"Great day trip"

It was very interesting to visit the national park. The trip was well organized, informative and fun. I believe it was such a great trip due to our guide Liine. She was extremely knowledgeable and informative. However, she should get six stars for her wonderful personality and outstanding sense of humor. She made our day absolutely awesome! Thank you Liine!!!!

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