Liine Certified Senior Tour Guide

Liine is not only a culture theorist of Middle-East (which is an essential skill for a tour guide of Tallinn), she also bakes a mad good cake (which, is also a very good quality for a tour guide).

She loves to travel and would jump at the opportunity to live in every part of the world for a short time. Currently, though, she is not traveling and discovering the world herself, she stays put in Tallinn showing this lovely capital to others wanting to discover.

Liine is also a nature-fan, if there is a bonfire, she will appear next to it in ten minutes and less. That is how we lured her to join our company - with a massive bonfire.

Because she is from an island, if Liine is too far from the sea for too long, she will be sad. The island-folk, including Liine, just stare lazily into the sea and forget how to use some vowels other Estonians know, granting us a chance to make fun of her by saying a lot of words with the letter “Õ”. Only Estonians will get the last joke, the rest - take a tour with Liine and she will explain!

If Liine doesn’t end up travelling the whole world and being awesome, she will most probably end up living in a forest with a bunch of cats, which is also awesome, because cats are awesome.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Had the best time and learned a lot about the city"

We went for the free walking tour with Liine, it was brilliant! She made sure we had the best time and learned a lot about the city! Totally recommend it!

"Laheema magic"

Brilliant tour,can’t speak highly enough of Liine and her enthusiasm and knowledge that she portrayed and shared. Great range of activities and well timed and paced.

"Amazing tour with amazing tour guide"

Highly recommended! Visited gorgeous places and even a moose crossed our way :-)

"Riga to Tallinn July 2020"

A perfect way to travel between the Baltic Capitals. Transportation, sightseeing and a skilled driver & guide in one package. Nice road trip with stops at nice spots along the road in a brand new wan.

"A very nice and educational way to get from A to B"

In the morning when we arrived at the location the tour guide was all ready and good to go. The tour van was comfortable and had nice airconditioning. The tour guide even brought some extra water with her for us. Our tour guide was very excited and energetic, even though it was early in the morning. She also has a good sense of humour. She told us a lot about all kinds of stuff not only history of Latvia and Estonia but also some funny facts about Riga, Estonia and Tallinn. The stops underway are very welcome, not just for stretching your legs but they're also at very nice places where you wouldn't go at first. Liine showed us some sick berry plucking skills. Also the delicious lunch at an extraordinary restaurant was a nice surprise. It is highly recommended to take this tour. You won't be sorry.

"Back in the U.S.S.R."

Maybe especially for a Swede, with all the common history, this is a very interesting and nice tour to take - to visit Narva and see some of the historical sites that is so deeply seated in our history. But the tour is also of great interest for all people who are interested in getting a glimpse of what life was like in the U.S.S.R. You will even be able to visit a formerly "secret city" that was not marked on the map!

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