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Having travelled through half of the world, Kalev always felt something was lacking wherever he went – help. And while he met many helpful people along the way, he was never really satisfied with the official side of things, often getting thrown into the jungle (literally) with a bad map because the tourist info people had better things to do (namely crosswords).

Once, while fighting off a vicious band of tigers in the mosquito filled badlands, Kalev promised he’d dedicate himself to setting up the perfect tour company, provided that he survives the onslaught of the wilderbeasts.

Luckily, survive he did. Today, when he’s not exploring the hidden sights of Estonia and putting together new routes for alternative tours, he can often be seen sunken into one of the beanie bags at the office. When you do see him, ask him for the secret to keeping his employees from mutinying (and how he managed to fight, and ultimately defeat those tigers).

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Great day trip to see the country"

Lahemaa National Park Day Tour is a worthwhile day trip and chance to see several key landmarks Estonia has to offer. You will see beautiful trails in the forests, boulders, waterfall, the coast, bogs, a manor, and a lunch stop at a charming tavern which had excellent food. Over a 6-7 hour period we walked about 6 miles through the various stops. We rode in a 8 passenger van and it was fun getting to know other travelers on the tour. There are a ton of trails and parks to visit in Estonia but I think this tour captures a little of everything in the best areas. I highly recommend this tour and avoid wasting your time trying to plan your own excursion. Plus you get great stories and facts about Estonia and park from the tour guide.

"A tour of various landscapes & cultures"

It’s a fun trip with a lot of stuff to see, waterfall, bogs, forests, coastline, manor, etc. We had quite some walk, but not too much and not difficult. Kalev was an easy-going local guy, experienced and knowledgable about nature, culture and history, and also offered good options to choose from when the time allowed.

"See Estonian nature with real Estonian "

We spent almost whole day in beautiful national park. Kalev was super friendly and answered on all our questions. Thanks him I know better not only information about Lahemaa National Park but also about country and Estonian. Good tour 💪

"Amazing day in Lahemaa NP"

Very vice day, tour and organization. We had our time to spend in all the stops for sightseeing, photos, explanations

"Seeing the local country side"

In every country, you got to see the hinterland and not just only the capital. Good wat to get a feel of the place. Estonia isn’t a crowded place, but you get a feel of the country and the people. Good thing to do when you need to go to Tallinn and went to see something out of the beaten beaten path.

"Much Better way to travel from Riga to Tallinn"

So the arrangement of the ticket can be better at least an online pdf etc a proof that we bought something ;) but the guide was friendly and talkative also the places we visited were nice. It is a small van which makes it also agile. All in all I had good time and it was worth it.

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