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Kert has studied history like most of the staff of Traveller Tours. He is a philosopher stuck in thought at one second who can turn into a humorist and a showman with the blink of an eye.

He is an experienced alpine skier and a used to do acting as a hobby. He has even won a prize for mimicking a former Estonian prime minister (yeah, we give out prizes for that). Kert also likes to think of himself as a semi-professional crowd-surfer and stage-diver who is willing to travel abroad to see his favourite bands play. He actually plans on becoming a teacher one day.

Kert's vast work experience includes but is not limited to working as a journalist, archeologist, lifeguard, organ builder's assistant and a carpenter. He also only claims to need one match to set up a bonfire, coincidentally, that's how many matches he has on Tinder.

Kert's tours are a one-man stand-up show that will never cease to amaze - historic facts fixed with satire and improv will sum up to a great day out.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Great diversity and inside into Estonian life"

We have been so lucky with the sunny weather but that wasn't all that was great about this tour. Loved the diversity of sites we were visiting - a perfect combination of nature and history! Kert was very knowledgeable and gave us an honest and personal inside into Estonian history and daily life. Thanks again for this great experience, Kert!

"Beautiful trip to Lahemaa - must do from Tallinn"

Lahemaa National Park is very beautiful, we had stunning weather and could enjoy everything. The guide was very friendly and helpful and told us many things about Lahemaa, Tallinn, Estonia and the whole region. Definitely a must do in Estonia.

"Un buon tour"

Un bel tour soprattutto la tappa del Gauja national park, opinabile la scelta del museo militare di Valga per le scritte solo in estone. La guida era molto preparata, ma dava lunghe spiegazioni parlando molto velocemente perciò, avendo una limitata conoscenza dell'inglese, a volte non riuscivo ad ascoltare completamente il discorso.

"The side of Estonia I needed to see"

I am really glad I got to do the national park tour. Tallinn's old town seems to be getting the global attention for being one of the most underrated travel destinations, but I would say I was even more blown away by the nature (beautiful bogs) and the small fishing village of Estonia. My guide Kert was very knowledgeable, friendly and very funny! I felt that I could get a better perspective of life in Estonia/ Tallinn. I would recommend this tour to anyone about to visit Tallinn. This tour was the highlight of my trip! It really made me want to come back to explore the country/culture more. Thanks again Kert!

"Very special tour"

Thank you so much for an amazing journey into the past Soviet history of the country. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.

"Highly recommend!"

Our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to spend 9 hours with! He was a great driver, really making us feel comfortable and safe and knew when to chat and when to let us snooze! A really good way to travel between two fantastic and very different cities, getting to see some more of the countries and learn their history along the way with a fabulous stop for lunch.

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