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Marju is an overly enthusiastic (in a good way) historian. We typecast - most of our guides are overly enthusiastic historians. She has studied in both Estonia as well as Great Britain.

Marju worked at the Museum of Architecture and as a barista before joining our company. She has also spent some time volunteering in France where she informed people of the good side of the EU - considering how the French elections went, her endeavor was a success.

She loves to travel and every penny saved goes into the world exploration fund - currently she is obsessed with anything Spanish and dreams of mastering her salsa skills and living in Central America.

One of her life goals is adopting a dog (or three). This is hindered by living in a rental flat so she passes time in her dogless rental by reviewing films for a local business newspaper (we also did not know the most popular business newspaper in Estonia also publishes film reviews).

On Marju’’s tours you can expect a lot of interesting stories about Estonian history as you should from a history buff.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"A day in Lahema"

The tour was worth it and the guide was very well informed. She gave a very good overview of Lahema and Estonian History. She was also very helpful in Giving us a local’s View on ‘things to do’ in Tallinn. The village museum and the local meal was very atmospheric. However the Van used for transport was a bit cramped and they could have used a bigger vehicle.

"A fine day out of a city"

We spent a very beautiful day with our guide Marju, visiting the manors and walking through the bog trails, and the lunch, with the family food prepared at Käsmu by our host, was just great.


Great guide and location

"Enjoyble day"

What I most liked was the museum house where we had lunch. A unique place

"Tallinn to Riga— great experience! "

We loved our tour from Tallinn down to Riga! We were able to see and learn so much which would not have been possible if we had just gone directly between the cities. Our guide, Marju, was wonderful— very sweet and knowledgeable about the area. We loved the variety of stops— highlights were giant swing and bobsleigh! We also liked the different small towns and the National Park walk! Thanks for a great experience and giving us the chance to learn more about these two countries. We really didn’t know much about this region before we came and this tour opened our eyes to a lot! Thanks!

"Great adventure!"

A very smart and useful way to move from Riga to Tallinn. Many interesting places to visit: nature, culture, sport with a great guide!

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