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Marju is an overly enthusiastic (in a good way) historian. We typecast - most of our guides are overly enthusiastic historians. She has studied in both Estonia as well as Great Britain.

Marju worked at the Museum of Architecture and as a barista before joining our company. She has also spent some time volunteering in France where she informed people of the good side of the EU - considering how the French elections went, her endeavor was a success.

She loves to travel and every penny saved goes into the world exploration fund - currently she is obsessed with anything Spanish and dreams of mastering her salsa skills and living in Central America.

One of her life goals is adopting a dog (or three). This is hindered by living in a rental flat so she passes time in her dogless rental by reviewing films for a local business newspaper (we also did not know the most popular business newspaper in Estonia also publishes film reviews).

On Marju’’s tours you can expect a lot of interesting stories about Estonian history as you should from a history buff.

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What people say about Marju

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Great value for money!"

We had a small group on public tour - packed out day, lots to see and minimal driving between the sites. Plenty of local (and some times personal) history added by our guide that really added colour, would definitely recommend.

"the countryside in snow"

A really beautiful trip though forests and coastlines in the snow. I have never felt so safe being driven in snowy conditions. Our guide was excellent, very open to all our weird questions and informative. We were thrilled to see a sea eagle on the journey as well! Many thanks for a great day out.

"Interesting fun"

Well worth the trip to see places you just couldn't do on your own in a day. Meal in captains museum was wonderful. Great guide!

"Fantastic day tour!"

Probably one of the best tour we made. The guide was really interesting and the place we visited absolutely fantastic. Thank you!!

"Best Time for Monday in Tallinn"

As most of the attractions in Tallinn are closed on monday, your best bet is to book the Lahemaa national park day tour with Traveller. It was an amazing experience with nature walk and stopovers at several coastal spots which offer interesting stories about Estonian history. Marju was very friendly and a great guide.

"Nice day trip to get beyond the old town"

I initially tried to book another tour and switched to this one after hearing that this would be the only one available at that day. Tours are cancelled, if you are the only potential customer, which is understandable. Our guide Marju was very friendly and did everything she could to make this tour a success. She was flexible and asked for everyones primary interests and tried to find a good combination to make us all happy. With our small group of only three she had enough time to answer everyones questions in detail and took good care of us. I only rated this with four stars instead of five because I didn't get to see the things that I was most interested in (from the tour I wanted to book initially).

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