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Marju is an overly enthusiastic (in a good way) historian. We typecast - most of our guides are overly enthusiastic historians. She has studied in both Estonia as well as Great Britain.

Marju worked at the Museum of Architecture and as a barista before joining our company. She has also spent some time volunteering in France where she informed people of the good side of the EU - considering how the French elections went, her endeavor was a success.

She loves to travel and every penny saved goes into the world exploration fund - currently she is obsessed with anything Spanish and dreams of mastering her salsa skills and living in Central America.

One of her life goals is adopting a dog (or three). This is hindered by living in a rental flat so she passes time in her dogless rental by reviewing films for a local business newspaper (we also did not know the most popular business newspaper in Estonia also publishes film reviews).

On Marju’’s tours you can expect a lot of interesting stories about Estonian history as you should from a history buff.

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What people say about Marju

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Western coast & Haapsalu"

Thank you Marju. Because of your passion we have learned so much of the history of your country. It was an excellent day in your company.

"Excellent tour organisé pour découvrir les environs de Tallinn sans trop d'organisation!"

Je recommande vivement de choisir pour visiter le parc national de Lahemaa. Cela permet de visiter plusieurs lieux connus à l'aide d'un guide qui nous emmène rapidement d'un site vers l'autre. J'étais avec Marju qui est une excellente guide. Ce jour nous sommes sorties à 3 mini bus de 8 personnes avec 2 autres guides également très sympathiques. Ce fût vraiment très intéressant de pouvoir s'appuyer sur la compétence de ces guides plutôt que tout rechercher par soi-même et risquer de manquer des informations ou histoires utiles. Pour 13€ vous déjeunerez aussi dans le musée des pêcheurs de Käsmu si vous en avez la chance. Le repas est préparé par la famille du propriétaire et est vraiment excellent. Je recommande vivement cette journée et reviendrai probablement lors de mon prochain séjour en Estonie!

"Thoroughly enjoyed it."

Our guide new Marju knew the hidden places, explained various things on the way.

"Great way to travel from Tallinn to Riga"

We had a fun day mixing with other travellers and learning about the history of Estonia and Latvia from our guide Marju. Enjoyed seeing the countryside away from Tallinn and having some time in nature. For us the Military museum in Valga was very dated and not to our interest so we would have preferred more time to walk in Cesis and Viljandi, but overall the day was good.

"A great way to get from Tallinn to Riga"

If you are wanting to see and learn about life and history outside of the big cities in Estonia and Latvia then this tour bus is a great way to do it. We stopped in a number of villages, national parks and museums and Marju our driver and guide was fantastic with her broad knowledge and insights into life in this part of the world. Is only up to 8 passengers on the tour so easy to ask questions and we met some great fellow travellers from around the world. Highly recommended.

"Excellent tour"

This tour took us to a lot of places in the National Park. We saw everything that was advertised, which made us very happy. Our tour guide knew very much about the area, but also about Estonia in general. She even shared personal experiences of living in Estonia, which gave us a nice idea about growing up there. We were impressed with her knowledge! And she was able to deliver it in an interesting, humorous way, which was great. Would definitely recommend it!

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