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Marju is an overly enthusiastic (in a good way) historian. We typecast - most of our guides are overly enthusiastic historians. She has studied in both Estonia as well as Great Britain.

Marju worked at the Museum of Architecture and as a barista before joining our company. She has also spent some time volunteering in France where she informed people of the good side of the EU - considering how the French elections went, her endeavor was a success.

She loves to travel and every penny saved goes into the world exploration fund - currently she is obsessed with anything Spanish and dreams of mastering her salsa skills and living in Central America.

One of her life goals is adopting a dog (or three). This is hindered by living in a rental flat so she passes time in her dogless rental by reviewing films for a local business newspaper (we also did not know the most popular business newspaper in Estonia also publishes film reviews).

On Marju’’s tours you can expect a lot of interesting stories about Estonian history as you should from a history buff.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"I went for the bog and went home with a deeper understanding of the Estonian people"

Marju was a great tour guide. She was knowledgeable and shared facts in an interesting and relatable way. I really enjoyed the walk through the bog, which was like nothing I had ever seen before. I tossed a rock onto a pile of rocks at the beach, an Estonian effort to bring good luck. I even managed to convince Marju to reveal the secret location where she picks mushrooms...nah just kidding! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.

"Great Day out"

Great tour for those who want to venture out and see more of the areas outside Tallin centre. Was not disappointed. Particular highlights were the visit to the Prison Quarry, the waterfall and surprisingly for me, the Russian cargo plane. Marju is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide, giving the group great insight into the places we visited and history. The tour is great value for your money and I highly recommend.

"Soviet Sights!"

The guide was lovely and gave excellent explanations about the things we saw. Would have liked to be able to go into some of the abandoned apartments to see what Life was like in Soviet times. It was also a big coincidence that I met my high school principal on the same tour on the same day! I graduated from high school in Toronto in 1981 and the former principal is now 85 years old!

"Loved it!"

Marju was a wonderful tour guide and she answered all my questions during our bus rides between the stops. Loved seeing the sunken prison and the old Soviet plane - so cool! Highly recommend the tour to see outside the city for a day.

"A very good way to discovered Estonian history"

At first, we wanted to do another tour but lack of availability we, a little disappointed, took the cliff tour. We were pleasantly surprised by the tour thanks to our very good guide. We loved our day. In addition, our guide was not only very professional and friendly but also an excellent driver. Thank you very much for her.

"really nice experience"

good to recomend other people. It was what we expected.

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