Vilnius Cathedral Square - How to get from Riga to Vilnius

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  1. Hi i will travel in june from Riga to Vilnius
    i found a train to Daugavpils 8.18h -11.08 Rīga – Daugavpils
    2 h 50 min nr ?802
    and there i can change to another train ? Timetable please

    • Hello
      Thank you for asking about this because it has now brought to my attention that life has moved on and there IS a train from Riga to Vilnius.
      I don’t know about Daugavpils but there is a direct train from Riga. It is actually the new Riga-Kiev line and it also stops in Vilnius and Minsk, so it should meet your needs. Check it out here:

      Good luck!

  2. There is 4 of us and we want to start in Riga and go to Vinius– and back to riga. We only have about 3 days– is that worth it?
    How much do you charge for a small group like ours?

  3. Is it the same thing for trains to get from Vilnius to Minsk? Would it be better to take a bus or to rent a car and drive?

    • Yes, there are trains from Vilnius to Minsk. Make sure you have a visa for Belarus. Visa-free entry is only if you fly in and out of Minsk.
      Good luck with your travels!

  4. Hello,
    I m from Spain and i ll go next summer to Riga.Im very interesting in Riga–Vilnius Sightseeing Tour Bus,but its only monday,thursday and saturday.In summer is the same days? i wish to take wednesday,because if i take thursday,arrived to Vilnius in the night,and friday i come back to Spain,and i ll have not too much time for visit Vilnius(only some hours friday in the morning)

  5. Hello,

    We would like to travel from Vilnius to Riga by car, but most rentals are very expensive when it comes to leaving the car in another country. We would also love the sightseeing tour, but there are no open tours on october 31st.

    Could you recommend us another tour or a rental company ? We really want to make some stops along the way.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. I have a question whrn I take a buss from vilinius to riga they have tunel ( like switzerlan or Italy) on the way or its regular way thank you

  7. Hello, I am a travel agent from the Philippines and in Sep, I will be attending a reunion of friends in Vilnius. A group of us, minimum of eight (8) persons, plan on traveling to Riga and Tallinn. Is it possible to arrange a van to take us from 1) Vilnius to Riga on a full day tour similar to the 2) Riga-Tallinn day tour that we wish to avail of?
    Thank you!