Picture this: you are in Riga. Now what? I say, go to Vilnius! It is only 300 km away. Maybe you are thinking that after Riga (and maybe also Tallinn) you don’t want to see another Baltic capital. Think again! Lithuania in general is very different from Estonia and Latvia. History, religion, and culture; you will not be disappointed to discover that Vilnius is nothing like the others. Lithuania has royal history and Vilnius represents that: the grand architecture, the wide streets, the Catholic churches, and the Central European feel. And, if you thought that Tallinn and Riga are cheap than Vilnius is even a more affordable destination.

Don’t skip Vilnius!

In no particular order, here are some options for getting from the Latvian capital to the Lithuanian one. We have brought out the estimated time of travel and cost, how much hassle you will have making travel arrangements on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = super easy and 5 =  not worth it), how much fun you will have on the trip on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = no fun and 5 = epic fun).

1. Have a road trip!

Two girl pushing an old orange Soviet car with a boy in it down the road while on a road trip from Riga to VilniusTIME: min 3,5 h
COST: fuel (from 35€) + renting a car if needed
HASSLE: 3 (easy + renting pain)
FUN: 4 (fun)

AKA drive it! Driving in the Baltic countries is easy. We mostly keep to the laws and rules, the roads are pretty okay, and if you get lost then you are never really too far away from where you want to be because these countries are small (unless you are in the wrong country… oops). All you really need now is a car, any car; rented, borrowed, or owned. But if you are expecting to have petrol stations every ten kilometres then think again, don’t leave tanking up to the last moment, and prefer Circle K for those important toilet stops. Okay, maybe I have become a bit of a car enthusiast over the years but the freedom to pull over at any random village is very appealing to me. So, don’t shoot straight from Riga to Vilnius (too easy!). Wonder around! See stuff! Be adventurous!

2. Take an airplane!

Little boy in retro pilot outfit with wingsTIME: flight 0,50 h + transfer = min 2,5 h
COST: starting from 30€ AirBaltic
HASSLE: 2 (easy)
FUN: 2 (not really)

Fly, baby fly! A little boring in my book but fast, easy, and … well that is it, it’s fast and easy. In truth it probably doesn’t save you that much on time. Flight is short, yes, but the extra time in airports and getting to and from them takes about the same time as it would if you go over land. And it costs more. But hey, who am I to criticise your use of frequent flier points or the size of your ecological footprint. Fly away! Enjoy the overpriced and inedible airport food and security control! Really, bring your own snacks for the flight. Whatever it is that they try to serve you on board should not be called food and you should not have to pay for it. As we all know nothing on cheap flights is cheap.

3. Take a bus!

White bus in the countryside going from Riga to VilniusTIME: 4 h
COST: starting from 7 €
HASSLE: 1 (very easy)
FUN: 2 (not really)

I never thought I would say it, but this bus is dope! Lux Express or Ecoline whichever is your choice both are good and cheap. This is probably the most sensible and painless way to go from Riga to Vilnius. The bus stations for both cities are close to the centre, the buses are fast, and comfortable. And they have way more leg space than an airplane. Okay, you don’t stop for anything really and you just go from A to B but if that is all you need then why not. Bring plenty of snacks and max out the free on-board WiFi. You can watch a movie, listen to an audio book, read a real book, or (do it like I do it) snooze. Fall asleep in Latvia and wake up in Lithuania, awesome!

4. Take the one-way sightseeing tour bus

View over a bridge at Trakai castle while on a tour from Riga to Vilnius Photo credit: Kalev Külaase

TIME: 12 h
COST: 65€
HASSLE: 1 (just book here: Riga-Vilnius Tour Bus or Vilnius-Riga Tour Bus)
FUN: 5 (all the funs)

You want a road trip but don’t want to drive? You want to make cool stops but don’t know where? Think no more! Traveller Tours does all of this for you. We have a driver/tour guide in a small van with a small group of like-minded travellers to take you around. You start in Riga and end up in Vilnius; on the way you learn about the local history, take in some awesome architecture, and see the nature. The tour visits important landmarks like Rundale palace in Latvia, the Hill of Crosses and the city of Kaunas in Lithuania amongst others. What more do you want?!

You can find more information as well as book the sightseeing bus from here:
Riga to Vilnius sightseeing bus
Vilnus to Riga sightseeing bus

If you have a question about this tour please contact Traveller Tours at riga@traveller.ee

5. The lack of trains

Little boy standing on an empty train platform waiting for a train from Riga to VilniusTIME: unknown (forever and then some)
COST: unknown (priceless probably)
HASSLE: 5 (maximum hassle)
FUN: 0 (none)

There is no direct train connection at the moment. So, don’t, just don’t. If you are from anywhere else in the world than you think that trains are a great way to travel between countries. And you are right! Almost everywhere else but here. In the 1990s with the local trains systems being privatised and nationalised and bankrupted left and right the links between the three Baltic countries via train collapsed.

Okay, you can do it if you are ready for a cross-countries odyssey. If you are the type to insist then, please: take a train to Russia and from there to Belarus and then to Lithuania… Hey, you know what, this actually sounds like a great idea. Do it!

6. Cycling

Cyclist on a country road next to a canola field going from Riga to VilniusTIME: several days
COST: unknown (bikes, accommodation, food)
HASSLE: 3 (some hassle is to be had)
FUN: 4 (so worth it)

Because why not?! The roads are easy, we have no mountains whatsoever and no trolls under our bridges. In the summer time cycling is a great way to see the Baltic countries. There are several different routes you can take. You can follow the coast line and then turn inland for Vilnius – a very long way around. Or you can short-cut by train to Daugavpils and then cycle south towards Vilnius so that you pass through Aukštaitija National Park. Admire the beautiful lakes there and take in some of the quiet beauty that nature in the Baltic countries can offer.

You can book the Riga-Vilnius Sightseeing Tour Bus here:

Tour from Riga to Vilnius
Tour from Vilnius to Riga

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Hello,
    I m from Spain and i ll go next summer to Riga.Im very interesting in Riga–Vilnius Sightseeing Tour Bus,but its only monday,thursday and saturday.In summer is the same days? i wish to take wednesday,because if i take thursday,arrived to Vilnius in the night,and friday i come back to Spain,and i ll have not too much time for visit Vilnius(only some hours friday in the morning)

  2. Hello,

    We would like to travel from Vilnius to Riga by car, but most rentals are very expensive when it comes to leaving the car in another country. We would also love the sightseeing tour, but there are no open tours on october 31st.

    Could you recommend us another tour or a rental company ? We really want to make some stops along the way.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. I have a question whrn I take a buss from vilinius to riga they have tunel ( like switzerlan or Italy) on the way or its regular way thank you

  4. Hello, I am a travel agent from the Philippines and in Sep, I will be attending a reunion of friends in Vilnius. A group of us, minimum of eight (8) persons, plan on traveling to Riga and Tallinn. Is it possible to arrange a van to take us from 1) Vilnius to Riga on a full day tour similar to the 2) Riga-Tallinn day tour that we wish to avail of?
    Thank you!