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    • Hi, Riga is quite far. If you drive the direct route without any stops, it will take around 4.5-5 hours. So I wouldn’t recommend a round trip from Tallinn to Riga in one day, it will be just 10 hours of driving and you won’t have time to experience much else.

  1. Hi! The sightseeing tour bus looks great. Do you ever do these trips on different days of the week? We need to travel from Tallinn to Riga on Thursday 6th December. Is there a trip that day? Thanks,

  2. We (2) are booked in Riga for 14 nights in October/November. We intend to visit Tallinn and Vilnus for a night each during our stay in Riga. Is it possible to take your tour bus ?

  3. Which months are best to visit The Baltic Nations(3)….specially when there is no rain and weather/+emperature is good enough for travel..

    • The best weather in the Baltic is in July and August. These are the warmest months, these are also the most crowded months. In September the weather cools down a bit, but it’s usually still very sunny. June can be nice, but can also be very rainy, it really depends. Also May is usually nice and sunny, but a bit cooler.

    • Hi, yes it’s running all year round. The exact availability depends on the number of people interested in that day, we need at least 4 people to do the tour. Please make a booking on our website for your desired day and we’ll then let you know as soon we have the group together.

  4. In future there will be Rail Baltic train, that might be awesome!
    But until then, buses seems to be wisest choice. Cheap (if you get coupons, you can get ticket for like 10 euros), also they have wifi, so your time can be well spent. So i don’t agree with article – how can it be boring if you have whole internet in front of you 🙂

    Of course if you want to explore both countries, sightseeing bus is way to go!

    p.s. Tallinn is also great, love from the neighbours 🙂

  5. Hi, are there any tours offered where you don’t need to book as a group? Especially between Tallinn and Riga or Riga-Vilnius. Thanks!

  6. I am very interested about the tour from Tallinn to Riga, and Riga to Vilnius. My question is i have two people, and we both have 29 inches luggages. Will the mini van or car fit our 2 luggages? The price includes everything (no meal)?

  7. Hello guys. I have a question. Is it possible to go from Riga Airport (Latvia), to Vildrike (Estonia)? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Maria,

      If you want to join the Traveller Tours tour bus, then it would have to be a private tour.
      You could also rent or hire a private car. Another option is to take a bus or a train from Riga to Valka (Latvia) and walk to Valga on the Estonian side (very short distance) and take a bus to Otepää and from there to Vildrike.

      All the Best and Good Luck,

    • Hi Andy,

      The car can fit luggage but it does depend on how much you have. Please be reasonable. If everyone has two big suitcases then it is tight but so far every bag has fit on the bus and nothing and no one has been left behind 🙂

      All the Best,

  8. Your website indicate the sightseeing tour bus is in minivan or ca, and is up to 8 people. We have 5 people to travel from Tallinn to Riga, would the transportation fit for 5 mid-size luggage?

  9. LUX Express was the best way for me to get around the Baltics.

    I also found the prices to be a lot more reasonable than you mentioned for the bus. From Tallinn to Riga I only had to pay 5 euro and the same price onwards to Vilnius.

    Even taking the bus from Riga to Krakow was only 17 euro so I think that LUX Express is the best option for budget travelers that are ok with siting on the bus for a few hours!

    • Do you have a link or website please? I’m planning a trip to Lithuania, Latvia and then Estonia in September. Do the buses run frequently and how long does it take from each country please? Thank you

      • Dear Candy,

        If you are asking about our Tallinn to Riga or Riga to Tallinn tour and need any help then please do not hesitate to write with all the questions you have to tallinn@traveller.ee. The office will be happy to help you!
        But as you are reading this blog post you are already on our webpage and the time of travel and all the relevant links are also in the post above if you have a moment to check it out again.

        All the Best!

  10. I’m interested in booking for mid July for Riga to Tallinn (or possibly the other way around) but also want to know if you go from Vilnius to Riga (or vice versa). If so, please let me know where to book! 🙂


    • Hello Sarah!

      Bookings for the next summer Riga to Tallinn should open by the beginning of December.
      Check back for Riga to Vilnius in April because we are going to start that tour next year 😉

      All the Best

  11. Is it too early to book for Aug. 5? I’m still planning, so not sure of the time yet. Do offer any other bus tours from Riga to Lithuania or Belarus? It’s a great service you offer and your website is wonderful!

    John in USA

    • Hello John!

      Thank you so much for the kind words!
      It’s not too early to book for August but at the same time there is no rush for those dates yet.
      We always have new tours in planning and who knows what the new summer season brings for Traveller Tours 😉

      All the Best

  12. Hello. I will be travelling to Riga on the 1st of November from Tallinn, is there a way i can get intouch with someone with a car who will be leaving as early as possible? my fight leaves from Riga at 12:30 and i need some one who will be leaving Tallinn as early as 7am. Could you help me link me me with someone please?? Thanks in advance

  13. I will be taking the bus from Riga to Tallin. Is it best to buy online or the day of with the bus driver/ticket office?

  14. Hello,

    we too are looking for such a tour in December/January. It would be great to do such a tour even in winter. On the other hand, I cannot justify the cost for a private tour for two persons.

    • Hello Matt,

      This tour can only run as a custom private tour in winter because there is not enough daylight to do a 12 hour tour. But if you have any questions or would like to get more info about winter touring then please contact us at tallinn@traveller.ee

      Thank you and all the best

  15. Hi. Do you do the Tallinn to Riga tour during winter? My partner and I are heading that way at the end of December.

    • Hello!
      We have not hammered out our winter touring schedule yet. You can do this tour as a private tour for sure but please contact us again via e-mail (tallinn@traveller.ee) for more info.
      Thank you!

  16. Hello! I’m also considering doing this way by bike, but following the RMK itinerary!! Do you think it’s possible? Or are parts impossible by bike? Thank you!

    • Hello!
      As I understand the path is totally doable with a bike. Sometimes the bike-route might go around somewhere (like a bog) but overall it should be fine :). Just download the maps from RMK, they also should have guidelines on their page.
      Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

  17. Thanks for sharing this beautiful information. Baltic is a very attractive place to spend the vacation. Are you thinking of going on a vacation? Then Riga is the best place. It is the place where the tourists are given the opportunity to collect interesting information and enjoy the magnificent historic monuments. Recently I had visited Riga with baltic-airport-transfers.com.

    • Hello Frank!

      To my knowledge there is no regular connection between Tallinn and Riga over the sea, nor can you at the moment take a ferry from Saaremaa to Latvia (there has been talk about starting it again in a few years).

      All the Best

  18. We thought to get a van for us, Talin-Riga. You did not mention the private transfers possibility. We are 7 and some of them quite lazy. Please include this and tell on the scale where would you put it?

  19. Thank you for the information. I’m considering the walk from Tallin to Riga. Would it really take as long as a month? Is this due to terrain?

    • Hello Joe,

      It is very cool that you are planning this hike! The time we gave in the blog is a rough estimation, such a thing depends after all on so many things – how experienced you are, when are you doing it, and what the weather is going to be like. We haven’t tried it out ourselves but according to other Estonians who have hiked the Oandu-Ikla track it takes about 22 days to walk through Estonia. Now, the hiking track we talk about here goes diagonally through Estonia and passes uninhabited places, forests, bogs, etc and ends on Latvian border. From Ikla (on Estonian and Latvian border) it is over a hundred kilometers to Riga. If you walk South from Tallinn to Riga it is faster than taking the Oandu-Ikla hiking path but might not be as peaceful and beautiful.
      Let us know how you do on your hike!

      All the Best and Good Luck,
      Traveller Team

  20. Is cycling a possibility? It’s completely flat between the two cities so it would be very easy going (providing it isn’t too windy)! It’s about 310km so would be around three days if one was taking it easy and taking in the sights. My observations in Tallinn and Riga earlier this year would suggest that cycling is a little haphazard in the cities but well tolerated, I saw a couple of cyclists out in the countryside when travelling between the two.

    • Hello Will!
      You can absolutely cycle from Tallinn to Riga! The Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla-Riga highway is very busy and has a lot of big trucks driving but if that doesn’t bother you the that is the 310 km way you can take, the fastest. The route covered under walking is also mostly accessible for bikes if you want to take the less travelled path.
      Good luck cycling! Let us know how it goes 🙂
      All the Best,

      • Thanks for your reply. I’d love to go back to Estonia but, unfortunately, I don’t think it will be in the near future. Maybe I will bring a bike with me next time I visit though!