Bratislava castle and old town over the Danube river in Bratislava city, Slovakia

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  1. I’m visiting Budapest from 27Mar -30March and would like to do day trip to Bratislava with my family. I would prefer to go and come back on the same day.

  2. I would like to go by the river from Bratislava to Budapest. Is it possible, can you give me information about it, I will travel October 7th, thank you

  3. Hi I’m thinking of doing a trip to budapest, bratislavia, vienna and returning to budapest for return flight iaround 1 December. Can I purchase a train ticket which allows stopovers in these countries or would I have to purchase each separately? Any information would. be great. Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi,
    I would love to take the bus from Budapest to Bratislava but I’ve booked my accommodation and have to now travel on Thurs 15th Aug which is a Thursday. Is there other companies that do a similar bus sightseeing transfer taking about ten hours or so.

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply, but there are no other similar scheduled tours. The only other option is taking a private driver or taxi, but that’s much more expensive of course.

  5. “When hitchhiking in the reverse direction you need to get out of the center of Bratislava towards E75 road. The best spot seems to be Zlate piesky petrol station”
    This is not correct, Zlate piesky is in completely opposite direction. Chances of catching car to Budapest at that spot is close to zero. The best option would probably be somewhere near Incheba towards the D2 highway.

  6. My plan is from Budapast to Bratislava and also would like to go to pandrof design outlet ( mcarthurglen). What is your recommendation? Which route is the most convenient?

    • Hello!
      Yes, if you don’t mind a detour then you can make it part of your travels. Go early in the morning so you have plenty of time for shopping and as Bratislava is quite close your last leg to Bratislava should be quite short.
      Good luck with your travels!

  7. where can we buy the train tickets in budapest, do we have to go to Nyugati train station or are there other places we can buy them? also do you know of car hire companies where we pick up budapest and return bratislava thanks norm

    • You can buy them at the train station, you might find some travel agencies that sell them as well, but I’m not aware of those. About car rental, I would recommend you to use car renting booking sites like for example. You can compare the prices of different companies there and find your best option. But be aware, dropping off in another city & country is quite expensive in Europe.

  8. Hi. Excelent Post!

    Why did you say you need to buy the ticket for the train the day before? I run the risk of not having a ticket on time? I go from budapest to bratislava on March 2, 2019, a period I believe to be a low season.

    Hugs from Brazil


    • On the day of departure the tickets are much more expensive, the special price mentioned (that makes the train worth taking) is only if you buy the ticket until the day before the departure. You can buy it on the day of departure but it’s not such a good deal anymore and there might be no seats, depending on the train / day of the journey.

  9. Hello! This post is just awesome 🙂
    I have one question… can one buy the BUD>BRA Europa Expres ticket in Budapest? I went online and I just can’t figure out if they only sell these in Bratislava or in both cities…

    Thank you for sharing all this info 🙂

    • Europa Express offer is provided by ZSSK (Slovak Railways) and therefore only available at ticket desks within Slovakia (all major stations, not just Bratislava). It’s available for both directions. You can’t buy it Hungary.

      However, you can buy Budapest to Bratislava ticket for more or less the same price online at It’s not available as an e-ticket, once you pay online, you will need to pick this ticket up at ticket desk in Hungary.