Sunset view of St Mark's Church in Zagreb

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  1. We are both over 65 and are allowed free train travel in Hungary.

    What is the border town/border where we need to purchase. a ticket onward to Zagreb

    • As there might be different options available when you travel then the best idea is probably to consult the ticket-booth in Budapest (or where-ever you are boarding the train in Hungary). They might still need to sell you a ticket, just not charge for it, especially if you would like fixed seats. The trains between Budapest and Zagreb are also not so frequent that you should risk getting off the train in a smaller place and miss the train leaving.
      Tickets need to be picked up at the train-station regardless in Hungary, so my recommendation is to consult on spot for the best service.
      All the best!

  2. is it safe to drive as a woman with 3 kids through all these cities? I don’t speak the languages or would you rec a private driver and do you have one 😉

    • Hello!
      It is safe to travel in these countries and you can easily rent a car and travel using only English. If you wish to get a driver it will be more expensive but a local driver would be better informed about local driving culture. The decision is up to you.
      Good luck!

  3. I can’t find a bus that gets from Budapest to Zagreb in four hours—Flixbus says it takes 10 hours! So what is the truth??

    • Sorry, George. I don’t know about that, I recommend you to try some car renting sites like or similar and you can find the best prices.