Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

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  1. Hi, I travelling from Berlin to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest in that order in Oct 19. Any suggestion on which is the best way like by train, bus or shared drive for the best sceneries and stops. I am open to suggestions. Was told that by train to Prague has the best scenery compared to others.

    Your advice please.. thanks you in advance

  2. Thanks for this, I am travelling to our Central European offices in both Cities in October. I want to combine the trip so was trying to see the most suitable transport method;this was very useful.

    I am female and will be travelling alone, generally are the trains safe and reliable?
    Although the convenience of saving travel time and the reassurance of the security measures on a plane might make the most sense after all even with the travel to airport and extra security queues. I did quite like the idea of the train and a few sites along the way though!

  3. I’m traveling from Berlin to Budapest and would like a stop in Dresden for a day and I’m flying home from Prague. I can’t find an easy way to get from Berlin to Budapest with Dresden in between. Any ideas????

    • You can take a 2h bus or train from Berlin to Dresden. Then from Dresden to Budapest it’s a much longer trip, about 700km. You might consider flying, although there are probably no cheap options. The alternatives are taking a train or bus to Prague and then from Prague to Budapest there are already more options.