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Sunset view of Bratislava Old Town and castle

How to get from Prague to Bratislava

When touring Central Europe there is one country that is often overlooked yet definitely deserves a visit. That’s Slovakia and especially its capital and biggest city Bratislava. If you happen to be in the neighboring Czech Republic and... Read more

Evening light view over a canal at traditional Amsterdam buildings

How to get from Brussels to Amsterdam

Both Brussels and Amsterdam are among the most beautiful and interesting capital cities in Europe and you shouldn’t miss them during your Euro trip. Despite the short distance between them they couldn’t be any more different. In Amsterdam... Read more

Charles Bridge in Prague during sunset

How to get from Prague to Vienna

Prague and Vienna are two gems of Central Europe. Both cities are beautiful, elegant, interesting and both are a must in your European itinerary. And what’s the best way to travel between them? Below you have all the... Read more

Brandenburg gate in Berlin at golden sunset

How to get from Prague to Berlin

So you’ve spent some time in Prague: falling in love with beautiful architecture, delving into history or enjoying the cool spots in the city and drinking the famous Czech beer. But it’s time to move on to your... Read more

Sunset view of St Mark's Church in Zagreb

How to get from Budapest to Zagreb

So you’ve arrived to Budapest. You enjoy the city and all its amazing attractions but are already thinking of your next destination – the Balkans. The best place to start your adventure in this fascinating region will be... Read more

View over the river at the church Heiliger Franz of Assisi at Mexikoplatz, Vienna, Austria

How to get from Budapest to Vienna

Budapest and Vienna are two of the most magnificent capitals in Europe. They are also so close to each other that visiting them both during your European trip is really easy. If you are wondering how to get... Read more

Bratislava castle and old town over the Danube river in Bratislava city, Slovakia

How to get from Budapest to Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is in the shadow of its greater sisters: Budapest, Vienna or Prague. But the place is worth visiting too for its charming old town, amazing cafe scene or unique UFO-shaped bridge offering great... Read more

Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

How to get from Prague to Budapest

Prague and Budapest are probably the most known capitals in Central Europe. And they get the hype for a reason – they are both beautiful, full of history and rich with culture. You should include both capitals in... Read more

Sunset in Munich Olympic park

How to get from Prague to Munich

From one beer capital to another – you can easily travel from Prague to Munich! After enjoying all the highlights of Prague it’s time you go to your next destination – Munich. One of the most famous German... Read more