Prague to Munich

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    • Hello!

      The fastest way is driving the highway/Autobahn straight from Prague to Munich. This road is not through mountains, there is some hills but no mountains in that direction. The Alps are further South, so you will see mountains looming ahead of you as you drive towards Munich.

      All the best

  1. Hello, thanks this its great info. Question, if we decide to drive by car hire, do I need to inform the rental car agency?And do you know estimate on petrol cost for the shortest route to Munich? Plus/Minus €300 maybe?

    • Peter, if you rent a car and want to drive outside the Czech Republic, then you need to tell that to the rental company and pay extra fee. It depends on the rentals, but usually it’s about €40-€50.

      The trip from Prague to Munich is about 400km, so the rough petrol cost for one way drive should be around €45-50.

  2. Could somebody kindly advise the luggage allowance on the red train , Prague to Munich , We are keen to use the train but will have a suitcase each of around 23 kg