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Top 9 Coolest Abandoned Places in Estonia

Estonian property laws changed heavily at least five times in the 20th century. As a result, many buildings were demolished or simply forgotten, making Estonia a gold mine for people looking for things left behind. Over the last... Read more

10 Random Creatures You Might Encounter in Estonia

 Animals love Estonia. With a sparse human population, the Estonian countryside offers plenty of shelter for all kinds of wildlife. If the situation persists, it won’t be long until animals start demanding emancipation. Estonia has 64 species of... Read more

5 Surprising Reasons to Visit Tallinn Off-Season

European capital cities during summertime tend to get filled with cliché imitation medievalness, flyers of Italian restaurants and those house-shaped kitchen magnets… a lot of kitchen magnets. The same does happen in Tallinn. Sure, I do think Tallinn... Read more

Top 10: Places to Visit Beyond Tallinn

After booking your flights and doing some research about Tallinn, you probably realized you have a bit of excess time. Since Tallinn is indeed only a very small part of Estonia, you can see most of it in... Read more

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