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Katrin has turned one of her favourite hobbies into a job! She used to just organize hikes for friends both in Estonia and abroad (the most memorable hike she put together is definitely a bicycle trip in Iran). We seized the chance of putting something someone loves doing into an everyday thing!

After years of different jobs and projects, Katrin has gone back to school just recently, doing a master's degree in linguistics and Estonian language.

Recently, we began to suspect Katrin is a timelord. Besides keeping busy with tours and school, she also has time left over to spend climbing mountains, travelling, reading up about the Balkan countries and parenting three children.

On her tours, be prepared for an insight into the Estonian peoples’ journey from a tribal society to one of the most digitalized places in the world as well as personal memories from the Soviet Times.

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What people say about Katrin T

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Very interesting"

I travelled from Tallinn to Riga with this sightseeing bus. It was very good with us being just four people. The guide was amazing, she had so much knowledge and was presenting everything in an interesting way. She read the group very well and gave us options along the way. She even showed us a hidden statue of Lenin lying on the ground and took us blueberry picking in the forest.

"A recommendable tour from Riga to Tallinn"

We had a very interesting tour. Katrin, our guide was very good in giving a short and also personnel review of history of Estonia and Latvia, that gave me a better understanding of these two countries. All the stops we made were interesting. Our guide was very considerate to our small group of 7 passengers. She stopped for instance to allow me to post to cards shortly before we crossed the border. She is also a good driver and I can only recommend the tour.

"Splendid introduction to new countries"

In a small group of 7 we traveled from Riga to Tallinn, with a dedicated and inspiring guide, with great storytelling and knowledge. We heard about society, nature and personal experiences. Very valuable

"Amazing experience"

This trip was so worth it, i mean the trip was so nice and all the places we visited were just amazing, our tour guide was really nice and she was pretty good explaining every detail of the trip. I really enjoyed it and i would recommend it a lot.

"Good way to explore Estonia! Excellent Guide!"

Rather than taking the direct bus from Riga to Tallinn, this is the best way to explore both countries outside the city centre. Our guide, Katrin is very friendly and knowledgable in explaining the histories of both countries and also all the attractions that we visited. She is also a very safe driver and prepared some umbrellas in case it is raining. I don't feel rushed and she is very flexible with time. On top of that, she has helped us above and beyond when my mom left her bagpack in one of the attraction sites. She makes sure that the bagpack is delivered to us the next day! We were trully appreciative of her efforts in helping us. She has truly displayed an excellent representation of Estonian who is kind hearted! The other guide, Andres who voluntereed to get the bagpack and deliver it to us is truly a star! We will remember Estonia with sweet memories not only because of the beautiful attractions that the country has but also the kind hearted people!

"Learn Baltic History and explore Nature"

Taking the Sightseeing Tour gives you great possibility to learn about the Baltic history, tasting local food and explore the wildlife. Including to eat wild berries, writing Names in Sand-Stone and seeing historical landmarks with a very passionate guide. 5-Star experience

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