Siim Customer Service Wizard

Siim studies Recreation Management at the University of Tallinn, nobody quite knows what this degree means. It has something to do with managing recreational activities and organizing events and these are Siim’s biggest passions. Before Siim ended up at Traveller, he organized birthday parties for kids at a LaserTag company and led outdoor kitchen team in the Estonian Defense Force, so if you can handle 30 screaming 8-year olds and cook a meal for 200 for hungry soldiers in -20C, you can handle any problem (we hope). Your bookings are in very safe hands.

Being an Estonian it takes a bit of time for Siim to start talking and opening up, but instead of the 3 months like an average Estonian, it may take Siim only a few sentences. But be careful, because when the floodgates open there is no stopping it. Every third sentence starts with “I once watched a Youtube video about this and…”. Siim might not be a tour guide but he has a great passion for Estonia, the local nature and history.

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