Alina (LT) Tour Leader

Alina loves challenging herself and finding new ways to improve the lives of others around her.

After finishing her studies of International Relations and Political Science she started working in the press office of the Israeli Parliament. Over time, Alina realised the game of winning hearts and minds is more about how things look than about how they are and she did not appreciate this. Thus, Alina quit to find new ways to make the world a little bit better piece by piece somewhere else. She also discovered her passion for Middle Eastern cooking while working in Jerusalem and can make a mad-good falafel.

Alina dreams of travelling the world and she is not kidding about this, either. She wants to see everything in this wonderful place. When Alina is not doing tours, she is organizing educational projects for people of all ages, enjoying the day with family and friends or looking for a new adventure.

Due to her background, Alina is great at explaining new and strange things by drawing connections and comparisons from around the world. If there is something you don’t understand about life in the Baltics, she will make sure you get it by the end of the day.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Amazing tour"

We have some stops on our way to Riga and it was funny and gave us many chance to explore the beautiful nature as well as the history of both Lithuania and Latvia. Tour guide cum driver has been enthusiastic and ready to help us during the whole trip.

"A Budapest - Vienna trip"

Wonderful trip. Wonderfoul group. Amazing tour guide! Thank you for the experience and all the information shared during those 10 hours :)

"European Fun"

The tour was a combination of education, hilarity, and fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great time.

"A Moveable Beast"

We had a great time on our tour. So many beautiful and thought provoking places to visit. We had the right mix of explanation and free time.

"Great way to travel from Riga to Vilnius"

Alina, our driver and guide, was very cheerful and active. She had lots of stories and jokes to tell. She drove carefully. The van was spacious and had lots of space for luggage. A bottle of drinking water was provided. The whole tour took 12 hours. I find it too long. One of the reasons was Alina was not very strict with time. Some tourists spent their time as they wanted.

"Sensational way to see hidden parts of Latvia and Lithuania "

Alina really made this tour. She was insightful, energetic, knowledgeable and so willing to make sure we had a fabulous time. I wouldn’t have visited these parts of Latvia and Lithuania if I hadn’t done this tour. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to travel between the two countries and not sit on a train or bus the whole time. Sensational!

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