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Andres has studied culture theories and theology thus working at Traveller is no surprise. We take pride in being one of the biggest employers of graduates of those fields in Estonia.

He has spent his years gathering a wide array of experiences. He has been a voluntary social worker in Zambia, worked as a tour guide in a museum, and been a mascot for a Finnish alcohol company. Andres says he has picked every fruit agriculture has to offer, mostly in boiling heat in Australia.

Among weirder activities he is proud of he once cosplayed a monk for two weeks and lived in an old monastery (in October and medieval monasteries don’t have radiators) and he once spent two months during winter living in an apartment with 5C. Strangely he seems to somehow be stuck in cold temperatures a lot.

He buys and sells used books and dreams of one day owning a bookshop. At his free time, Andres likes to spend time with his dog named Neighbour or Naaber in Estonian.

Andres is humorous and loves to talk about personal memories and experiences to sights on the tour, these memories are mostly embarrassing. Indulge him.

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What people say about Andres

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Lovely day in the Estonian country side."

Perfect opportunity to see a part of the lovely Estonian country side just outside Tallinn. Our tour guide was the perfect combination of funny, friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend to everyone!

"Beautiful experience"

Unfortunately, with little vacation time to visit Estonia, this tour was a good opportunity to visit a little bit of Estonia. Lahemaa National Park is very beautiful and with a small group you can better appreciate it. The Viru marsh is unique, the Jagala waterfall is very beautiful (even if with a small jump and in August with not much water) and the fishing village of Altja and the view of the Baltic Sea. The villa of Sagadi is interesting. Our guide / driver Andres, very knowledgeable and helpful. A tour that has satisfied me and I can recommend.

"Super journée à Lahemaa avec Andres"

Les paysages sont superbes et les explications/anecdotes d'Andres nous ont aidées à encore plus apprécier cette journée. Sortie recommandée à 100%, nous avons passé une super journée avec Andres.

"Take this tour!"

Our 9-hour small-group tour took us first to Estonia‘s highest waterfall where we learned a lot about Estonian geography and geology, then to a Swedish manor where we got an intensive course in Estonian history, after which we went for an easy one-mile hike on a boardwalk through a peat bog and learned a lot about flora and fauna. One member of our group even went for a swim in the bog, he found the experience incredible. After a simple but tasty lunch in a rustic inn, we made short walking tours in two historic seaside villages. It sounds intense but it was chill and lots of fun. Our guide Andres did a great job of sharing his wealth of knowledge about Estonia with us. Wear walking shoes.

"Amazing nature tour with friendly and knowledgeable guide!"

Andres was a wonderful guide and knew a lot about Estonian nature, history and culture to share with us. We saw some beautiful nature sights (the Jägala waterfall was fantastic!) and ate a delicious lunch at a traditional Estonian tavern. You should definitely book this tour to see a variety of fun sights outside of Tallinn!

"Fantastic trip!!! Andres is amazing!!"

Our group of four was accommodated with a tour booked in English only the day before. We had a phenomenal day at Jägala Fall, Viru Bog, an old manor house, and a fishing village on the sea. Our tour guide Andres was knowledgeable about all of the stops, with fun folklores and stories. We are so appreciative to Andres and the tour company for helping us to explore Lahemaa National Park!

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