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Andres has studied culture theories and theology thus working at Traveller is no surprise. We take pride in being one of the biggest employers of graduates of those fields in Estonia.

He has spent his years gathering a wide array of experiences. He has been a voluntary social worker in Zambia, worked as a tour guide in a museum, and been a mascot for a Finnish alcohol company. Andres says he has picked every fruit agriculture has to offer, mostly in boiling heat in Australia.

Among weirder activities he is proud of he once cosplayed a monk for two weeks and lived in an old monastery (in October and medieval monasteries don’t have radiators) and he once spent two months during winter living in an apartment with 5C. Strangely he seems to somehow be stuck in cold temperatures a lot.

He buys and sells used books and dreams of one day owning a bookshop. At his free time, Andres likes to spend time with his dog named Neighbour or Naaber in Estonian.

Andres is humorous and loves to talk about personal memories and experiences to sights on the tour, these memories are mostly embarrassing. Indulge him.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor


The tour and guide was fantastic. Joined the tour because loved to Viru Vog but other things were also good. Lunch at local home / museum was special.

"Great tour all the way"

The tour is really nice. Andres is very knowledgable about the Estonian area and the history and he has a lot of funny little joke and story to keep us entertained. The locations the tour took us on the way is also quite interesting and we would never know of such interesting places if not for the tour. 5/5, you will definitely get your money worth with this tour.

"Fun but with some serious history"

This tour shows you a lot on what would be a dull journey by an ordinary bus on main roads. In Latvia you get the novelty of the former Soviet bobsleigh track, which is still in use, quaint small town life at Cesis and a quiet forest by a river beach in a nerdy national park. On the Estonian side there is a museum telling the history of the 20th century from a distinctly Estonian perspective and a ruined caste at Viljandi completely with a giant swing that all ages can play on. Our guide was very friendly and informative

"A good idea from Riga to Tallin"

I found this good idea on Trip Advisor: instead of going straigth from Riga to Tallin, make a relaxed trip with a mini bus and enjoy a different prospective of baltic republics. Our guide was Andreas who drives very confortably, tells the history with many accurate details, takes you to a good restaurant without spending too money, is really a smart guide. Me and my daughter enjoyed this trip and in the end hr took us just under our residence in tallin. It' a wonderful idea going with traveller tours between the capitals. Enjoy it!

"Great Tour"

An excellent excursion with lots of interesting and diverse locations. Andres was a great guide.

"Super fun way to get to Riga"

We had a wonderful trip with our excellent guide who was knowledgeable and humorous in equal part. Saw lots of interesting countryside and places you wouldn’t normally see when just visiting big cities

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