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Ann, one of the many Political Science students who have passed through the ranks of Tallinn Traveller Tours, is a living, breathing encyclopedia. Possessing a quirky sense of humour, she loves telling stories and dispensing sarcasm almost as much as she loves history and Tallinn.

When her parents asked who she wanted to be when she grows up, Ann simply said “famous!” And while that hasn't exactly happened yet, she is working hard on just being awesome instead (with modest success).

Ann would love to have a pet, but as her landlord is not so happy about that idea, she has spent the last two years growing three tiny tangerine trees. She would like to think she spends free time on hobbies like painting, taking photographs and reading, but she admits it is mostly spent on Game of Thrones.

Ann has a fascination with all things Soviet, she loves to take tourists to weird dilapidated and abandoned Soviet-era factories all over Tallinn. She does like the Old Town, too, mainly because of all of the weird things Medieval people used to believe in. On her tours, she always makes sure everyone finds something fascinating and rememberable for themselves in the capital of Estonia - be it merchant houses, Soviet-era KGB spying equipment, beautiful seaside or lovely parks.

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"Knowledgeable but did not go into boring detail"

Annile gave us a private walking tour while we were in Tallinn as part of a Baltic cruise. Annile was by far the best of the 5 different tour guides we used in different countries. She was perky, personable, and very friendly. She was knowledgeable but did not go into boring detail. She gave a lot of insight on Estonia live, politics, culture-- including difficulties with living close to Russia. I highly recommend Tallinn Traveller Tours and especially Annile


The walking tour was interesting, but Ann, our guide, made it fantastic.

"Wonderful city, very good tour guide"

Fantastic tour led by Ann. She was knowledgeable,funny and had a great voice, enabling us to actually hear her! Her English was excellent also. I think she is the best tour guide we have ever experienced. Wonderful city.

"Thanks so much for a great morning!"

We opted for the 2 hour group walking tour of the old town, and would recommend this to anyone going to Tallinn. As it happened there were only the two of us, but our guide was so bubbly and interesting that it great fun. It really felt as though we were being shown around Tallinn by an old friend. The communication before the tour was great (we did it all by email) and was all very easy. Ann was our tour guide, and she gave us a lot of interesting information that I don't think we would have easily found out (plus it's so much easier being told than reading lots of guidebooks!!) as well as local knowledge - and she made us laugh so much!

"A fantastic experience"

My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Ann (blonde hair) last week (August 12th). We had a 3 hour private tour. Ann showed us around both the historic district and parts of the new town. Ann was extremely knowledgeable and shared with us many historical and fun facts about Tallinn and Estonia. We were very impressed and we highly recommend Ann for a tour guide. Visiting Tallinn was a fantastic experience.

Awesome walking tour very fun and informative!;)

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