Anneli Customer Happiness Manager

After four years of art school Anneli has gotten rather good at drawing things badly, and very good at knowing where to find a dodgy cellar pub that holds lively discussion about the latest modern art exhibitions at 4 am on a Tuesday.

Anneli is always carrying around a thermos – she claims it's just a way to keep a beverage hot, we believe it's filled with pixie dust to keep her smile magical. Possibly, it could be just very strong coffee... Yep, that sounds more reasonable. She is full of energy and quickness comparable to Baumgartner.

The fast talk is of course filled with Estonian sarcasm, but under all that, you will find a devoted person always willing to point out the nearest markets, trams, toilets and museums.

What people say about Anneli

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"One of the best trips I have ever been at"

I never thought I would enjoy this city alone but I was wrong. Lahemaa tour was awesome and the guide was really awesome. Like, I think it's safe to say, this was one of the best trips I have ever been at. I am really looking forward to come back here again to see more of what Tallinn traveller tour are offering.. You guys are the best, No Doubt :)

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