Henri Senior Tour Guide

Henri studies at Tallinn Secondary Science School. He loves new environments and his childish curiosity makes him enjoy learning about anything and being amazed by the smallest wonderful things in life.

Henri is a big fan of different cultures. He has spent a year in Japan as an exchange student. That is where he got his love of meeting people from all around the world and learning how things work in other places.

He spends his free time fencing, playing the guitar and sometimes doing kendo, the thing Henri loves the most is making other people smile.

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"Learned the Estonian way of greeting close friends "

We did the free tour through Tallinn on a Sunday and Henri was a very good guide, concise, funny and told very interesting stories, knew the answer to all the questions and gave us insights into the town and people -- like the Estonian way of greeting close friends (by looking away and maybe grunting "Tere!"). We had thought it had something to do with us up to that point! And we are from Germany... Glad to have that cleared up. Henri was very open and friendly and I can honestly say the 2 hours went by in a flash. Thanks, Henri!

"Really good tips and recommendations"

We did the free tour with Henri. He was a great guide and he knew how to bring the Estonian history to the point combined with a good sense of humour. He provided us with some really good tips and recommendations where to go to in Tallinn. Good job and we will definitely recommend this tour.

"A great and humorous guide"

Henri was a great and humorous guide! He gave us a rather informative history on Estonia and interesting jokes along the way as well :) Thumbs up!

"Excellent tour, informative clear delivery"

Good job Henri. Excellent tour, informative clear delivery. Not only fluent in English, you comfortably used humour like a native English speaker. Thank you so much for the tour of your city :-)

"Very entertaining and educational"

The tour guided by Henri was excellent! Very entertaining and educational. Henri is very knowledgeable and could answer questions. It was fun and I highly recommend it!

"Heard a lot of interesting facts, histories, jokes"

Today we went on walking tour with Henry. He is AMAZING guide! Today is so cold, but he tell us a lot of interesting facts, histories, jokes an so on. He show us the best places of Tallinn. We like him very much! Thanks a lot!

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