Kätlin Senior Tour Guide

Kätlin is an energetic sanguine who enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people. She believes that differences enrich life. Kätlin can stay calm in every situation, but when the time does not demand it she would rather be bubbly.

Right now Kätlin is studying to become a teacher - what an excellent way to pass on her knowledge and cheerful way of life to impressionable youth!

Kätlin also has some fascinating dreams and goals: she wants to one day volunteer in an elephant care in India or become the first female rapper of Estonia.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor


It was really nice. My guide was so kind. She care about people and let us know lot of historical things. It is good to understand about Estonia. The important thing is the landscape was so beautiful. All the places are nice.

"Urban exploring, castles and shale bings"

Katlin is a proper history teacher who kept us engaged and enthused as we struck east past storks and an elk (yes! -not guaranteed every day). From Narva we looked at Russia, Lenin, twin forts and the huge Krenholm cotton mill. Mining town Kohtla-Jarve, with garden city origins, shale bings and an Armenian restaurant (try the Georgian green lemonade, looks like absinthe), the model soviet Sullimae, which had some nefarious cold war purpose, and a not-entirely-abandoned mining village (some valiant residents still holding out with neat gardens against adjacent abandonment). Tolse Teutonic castle on the seashore and an interesting (yes) cement works started the day's visits. Be prepared for a long and stimulating day rich in recent and ancient memories. Thank you!

"Very informative"

I really wanted to learn about the Soviet occupation and see cities in the interiors of Estonia. It was a fantastic and informative tour. Our tour guide Kat was really good. Gave us ample information about the medieval history of Estonia and later on about the soviet occupation. We visited cities on the border town. Saw old abandoned castles/forts and some refurbished ones. This tour is not everyones cup of tea but if you are interested, I’d highly recommend it.

"Magnificent !"

We spent a magnificent day at the park. The guide was very nice, informative and gave us ample time to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. Definitely would use these tours again.

"Dead Lenin in a Derelict Brewery Garden"

Taking the slow route through Estonia and Latvia is definitely the best option. Our guide, Katlin, was knowledgeable, helpful and charming and she was able to give us a good history of both countries. It is also interesting to travel with a previously unknown group of mixed nationalities. The stops were well chosen and varied. If one were to offer a slight criticism, the minibus, although very modern and sleek, was a little small for the number of people on board. All in all, this was an excellent trip that we would recommend highly to others. We are now interested in investigating Traveller Tours to other destinations.

"Off the beaten track"

The tour was really interesting because we visited monuments and places off the beaten track. The guide was so nice and interested in getting to know all of us, we had a really good time. In addition to that, learnt much about Hungary and Slovakia.

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