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Kristel has been on the road of studying art history since she read the “Da Vinci Code” at 15. She is currently doing her masters in art history and even through she has yet to discover the secrets and conspiracies of Estonian and foreign arts, she is still happy with her academic choices and focus on Medieval art.

She has spent a semester as an exchange student in South Carolina, USA and learned to appreciate the many unique Estonian things you don’t find in many places of the world (a decent sauna, proper sour cream and Kohuke for example). Kristel has also worked in one of the most prestigeous theatres of Estonia for five years - she knows the plays by heart. To counteract this wave of high culture, she admits enjoying the line up TLC and Netflix on her free time, too.

Kristel is a hawkeye with attention to detail (who else writes their thesis about foliage carving in gothic cathedrals?). On her tours, get ready for a really interesting look at how we are shaped and influenced by the art and history that surrounds us.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Excellent guide"

Excellent way to travel to Tallin, particularly by the explanations and simpaty of our guide!

"Very interesting!"

The best way to go from Tallinn to Riga: our guide successfully involved us with historical facts and curiosities. Highly recommended!

"Top choice"

I've done both from Tallinn to Riga and from Riga to Vilnius and I'm really happy about my choice. Very interesting stops and our guide Kristel was very kind and professional. Really recommended.

"Highly recommended"

This is a fantastic way to get from Tallinn to Riga. There is plenty to see on the way; all the stops are interesting. Kristel made the journey fun - she encouraged us all to have a try on an Estonian swing which was great fun. It was a hot day - water was provided and we had plenty of time to stroll around each place of interest. We liked the small group size. I can recommend Kristel - she was very knowledgable and a great guide.

"Coastal Cliffs tour - great for teens!"

We chose Coastal Cliffs and Soviet Paldiski as we thought our teenage boys would find this the most interesting tour and it would give us all an insight into the history of Estonia. Kristel, our lovely guide, was fantastic! She drove us safely round a wide range of sights and was a mine of information. As expected, our boys found the prison quarry, bunkers, lighthouse, cargo plane and history of Paldiski very interesting. The tour had frequent stops - none of the sections of driving were more than about 20 minutes. Overall, a great day out - and perfect way to avoid the crowds in Tallin on the busiest day for cruise ships in the summer! We arrived back in the town centre late afternoon, just as the tourists were heading off - giving us a lovely quiet evening to explore the old town.

"The perfect way to travel! "

Had a lovely transport and sightseeing tour with Kristel from Riga and to Tallinn. She was very knowledgeable, kind and solution oriented, when we were once again struck by the on-and-off showers from above. We saw some great attractions, learned a lot about Estonia and Latvia, and the almost 12 hours just flew by. Great way to get from Tallin to Riga while seeing something along the way - we especially loved travelling on the small roads and watching the fields and countryside.

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