Laurynas (LT) Tour Leader

Laurynas is the human equivalent of a teddy bear passing on hugs and candy to make your day brighter with his presence. If he asks “how are you doing”, he actually genuinely expects an answer.

He studied Finance and Management but besides school, he says life has been more influenced by volunteering in various NGOs, taking self-challenging classes and delivering workshops in different countries across the globe as well as working as a customer service rep for an IT company and as a driver for a deluxe taxi service. Besides this impressive array of experiences and expertise, he can also dance like nobody’s watching.

Having already hitchhiked 11.000km across Europe, hiked 100km in two days on the Camino, ran a full marathon of 42 kilometres with only two months of preparation, Laurynas now dreams of making a minute of uninterrupted eye contact with the Dalai Lama, high-fiving the Pope or hiking around the Lithuanian border.

Laurynas will make sure you see a mixture of important, interesting places on the tour meanwhile telling you fascinating stories of everyday life in the Baltics.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Great Tour – Try to go inside Rundale Palace if you have time!"

I'd booked this tour when it still included a stop at Trakai, and was a little disappointed when they changed the itinerary slightly to remove Trakai. However, after going on the tour, I think that was a great decision. The tour made 4 stops: Salaspils Memorial, Rundale Palace, Hill of Crosses, and Kaunas. We had a good amount of time at each place, although I wish we'd had 15 minutes less at Hill of Crosses and 15 minutes more at Rundale Palace. With the time given at Rundale Palace, you can either tour the garden (which is included in the price of the tour), or you can buy your own ticket to tour the inside of the palace. I managed to cram in both, but it was very, very rushed, and the inside of the palace ended up being the highlight of the day for me. I think if the tour cost an extra 10EUR and included the ticket to tour the inside of the palace for an extra 15-20 minutes, with less time at Hill of Crosses, it would have been perfect. We had about 35 minutes I think at Hill of Crosses, and it was a little too much since it starts to look all the same after a while.

"Great way to get to Vilnius "

I really enjoyed this tour to Vilnius from Riga. It stopped at a variety of interesting sights along the way and our guide had lots to tell us about each of them. The time we spent at each was just right and we reached Vilnius in good time where we were each dropped at our individual accommodation.

"Another great ride!"

This was my second trip with this company. This was as pleasurable and educational as the one before from Tallinn to Riga. All the stops were well organized, the guides are always full of knowledge and humor. They are very engaging and keep everyone excited, even though several were tired from partying last nite. The stopover for food is well planned. The only thing I would mention that the food stopover is at a traditional food joint. Though it may appeal to many, it is not an establishment I would ever go to.

"Awesome tour"

The tour was fantastic, such amazing spots seen along the way that would have otherwise been hard to reach. Really authentic experience with a lovely Lithuanian guide with great knowledge and always willing to go the extra mile to make our day great. Thanks for a great day!

"Highly recommend!"

The tour was excellent. Laurynas was so friendly and accommodating to all of the guests, and made us feel very welcome. He truly wanted everyone to have a great experience. The sites chosen provided a great mix of old and more modern history. I would highly recommend Traveller to those touring the Baltics.

"oi šermukšnio"

Interesting trip and nice guides! You will get great impressions, a really tasty lunch and can enjoy/sing to some local music while during the roadtrip Funfact: May you see the banana and blueberry cows.

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