Laurynas (LT) Tour Leader

Laurynas is the human equivalent of a teddy bear passing on hugs and candy to make your day brighter with his presence. If he asks “how are you doing”, he actually genuinely expects an answer.

He studied Finance and Management but besides school, he says life has been more influenced by volunteering in various NGOs, taking self-challenging classes and delivering workshops in different countries across the globe as well as working as a customer service rep for an IT company and as a driver for a deluxe taxi service. Besides this impressive array of experiences and expertise, he can also dance like nobody’s watching.

Having already hitchhiked 11.000km across Europe, hiked 100km in two days on the Camino, ran a full marathon of 42 kilometres with only two months of preparation, Laurynas now dreams of making a minute of uninterrupted eye contact with the Dalai Lama, high-fiving the Pope or hiking around the Lithuanian border.

Laurynas will make sure you see a mixture of important, interesting places on the tour meanwhile telling you fascinating stories of everyday life in the Baltics.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Fantastic city tour from Vilnius to Riga! :)"

We travelled from Vilnius to Riga. We think that this tour was the best choice during our baltic trip! Lau (our guide) was very kind and friendly and gave a lot of information about the visited places. Moreover, he has a great sense of homour! Although the tour was long (12 hours) it was very interesting and we enjoyed every minute! The other passengers were also very nice, friendly and openminded, it was interesting to talk to each other. We recommend this tour everybody who would like to discover the essential of these countries and get unforgetable memories!

"Great tour, great value for money "

Super nice tour guide, very friendly. Great way to see the south of Latvia and north of Lithuania without going through the hassle of renting a car and everything. I would just say that maybe give a little more time to take pictures and walk around would be a plus but apart from that really great tour

"Carpool karaoke through the Baltics"

Our wonderful guide, Laurynas, made the day memorable, fun and informative. He provided helpful information at each stop and answered questions fully. He has a passion for Baltic history and pride in his native country of Lithuania. At the very beginning, he had each of us introduce ourselves -- which helped him learn our names and also helped us learn the names of our fellow travelers. We appreciated his candy treats, humor and constant attention to making sure that everyone was doing well and enjoying the day. After he discovered that we all liked music, he took requests during lunch and downloaded songs for the next part of the drive. What a memorable trip singing along with new friends to our favorite songs! Once in Vilnius, he made sure we all reached our lodging places without worry. Laurynus is one of the best guides I've experienced, and I've been fortunate to travel to many countries and places across the United States. He's a keeper!

"Good value and engaging tour!"

A great way to get from A to B with a lot of interesting history along the way. Lau was really informative and energetic and went the extra mile to make sure we got the most out of each visit along the route. All 5 stops were well worth seeing and I'd recommend this tour to anyone interested in learning more about Lithuanian (and Latvian) history and culture.

"You're in good hands"

Lau was one of the most engaging, attentive, and hilarious tour guides we've ever had! Like the other tours with this company, he made the Riga to Vilnius trip lively with personalized stories, but what sets him apart are the treats (several local candies and pastries) and dropping us off to our hotels/AirBnB. He also noticed that one tire was low in air, which he quickly discovered was a flat. He found a local auto mechanic, and we were on our way again in 30 minutes! This tour is well worth the extra time and money.

"Misadventures of a Great Adventure."

Well to be honest there was only one misadventure which turned the trip in to and even better one, considering the circumstances. Lao (that's how it sounded and I saw another reviewer spell his name this way) was amazing. SUPER knowledgeable of the sights and areas we went to. Even if he wasn't telling us true stories (which i'm sure he was, because who doesnt believe Americans were the first people to settle in Riga) he told his stories with conviction, which is all i needed. No fake news here. Keep in mind this was a VERY HOT day, so he always made sure we stayed hydrated. Sadly when we were about to leave Kaunas, he did discover the van running low on air pressure and when we went to fill it up, the air didn't hold. BUT, Lao immediately got on the phone and started searching for repair shops and thankfully he found one just a couple blocks away. At the shop we all waited patiently as the tire was getting repaired (30min) which gave the tour group some bonding time. Which was good fun getting to know everyone's story. We had 2 Swedish doctors looking for the New Viagra, 2 teachers from the Netherlands just trying to escape their students, a mother and daughter from Taiwan who were probably on a bonding spirit quest, a young lady from Singapore who just wanted to do all the fun things forbidden in Singapore and not suffer the consequences of corporal punishment, and then ME, the future president of the United States. =) This delay made our timing to Trakai castle Perfect for sunset. Which was one of the bonuses. Also because of the delay, Lao treated us to a traditional thing, not sure what it was called but after i ate the first one i ordered 4 more. Also on the way back, since none of us had to be back at any particular time, we took a quick trip to the Hill of Angles, Amazing sight. And of course finally, Lao dropped all of us off at our respective sleeping locations...ohh yeah and we also got chocolates. Good people are hard to find these days. The group i was with seemed like all good people. Great people are even harder to find, and Loa is one of them. Highly recommend this trip, and any of the other Baltic trips this company has to offer. And if you get a chance to have Lao as your driver, you'll be in for most informative, adventurous journey, with treats. =) -Leo

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