Laurynas (LT) Tour Leader

Laurynas is the human equivalent of a teddy bear passing on hugs and candy to make your day brighter with his presence. If he asks “how are you doing”, he actually genuinely expects an answer.

He studied Finance and Management but besides school, he says life has been more influenced by volunteering in various NGOs, taking self-challenging classes and delivering workshops in different countries across the globe as well as working as a customer service rep for an IT company and as a driver for a deluxe taxi service. Besides this impressive array of experiences and expertise, he can also dance like nobody’s watching.

Having already hitchhiked 11.000km across Europe, hiked 100km in two days on the Camino, ran a full marathon of 42 kilometres with only two months of preparation, Laurynas now dreams of making a minute of uninterrupted eye contact with the Dalai Lama, high-fiving the Pope or hiking around the Lithuanian border.

Laurynas will make sure you see a mixture of important, interesting places on the tour meanwhile telling you fascinating stories of everyday life in the Baltics.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Full day of usual day trip fun!"

Our trip from Riga to Vilnius was amazing, in main part to our wonderful guide Lau. He had a bus full of ladies and made our day comfortable, easy and enjoyable. He was a master at the walk and talk and gave us plenty of time to see the sights, great background knowledge about each place and personalized drop off to each of our hotels. He also gave us each some Lithuanian chocolate and candies as a sweet gift! We really loved traveling with him and the sights we were able to see along the way which would have taken up much more time as day trips from Riga or Vilnius. Definitely the best and most entertaining way to get from city to city, meet other travelers and get a local guide!

"Private tour at group rate"

We were lucky enough to have the tour operated for just the 2 of us so maximum flexibility. Our guide ‘Lorenzo’ was great, knowledgeable and happy to meet our schedule.

"Quick but lots of sites!"

We had a great time with our tour host, Lau. He was super upbeat, had some great playlists the he played during the drive (after lunch when we were all sleepy it was calming piano and ambient music), and he was really kind. He shared some great facts about each site but also insight into Lithuanian culture. We had a great time-- thanks for a lovely trip!

"Wonderful tour"

It is the best way moving to Vilnius to Riga. Firstly I planed to go to the hill of crosses by myself. But I noticed it takes time and I need to carry heavy luggage’s... This tour takes me some places I want to go, Kaunas , the hill of crosses and Rundāle pils. It is very nice experience in Lithuania. And our guide,Mr. Laurynas, is the best guide!!! He knows about the places very well and teach us kindly, sometimes with jokes:) I highly recommend this tour!

"Great fun"

It was a great way to travel from Riga to Vilnius and Lau really took care of us.

"Cool tour"

A brilliant day going to places that you would otherwise never have time for. Though long the trip is broken down into small journeys with stops so you don’t realise how the day is going. Very good value.

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