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Nils is probably the most goal-oriented person on our team (the rest of us are hippies or hipsters). He is constantly setting new benchmarks for himself: currently he spends his free time learning programming to study computer systems in the near future. He plans to create his own successful tech start-up one day.

He has spent four months in Mexico teaching English. Besides volunteering during his gap year, most of his work experience comes from catering. If he mentions catering he will say he loved working with people but hated cleaning up. This points to why he likes doing tours, you don’t need to clean up afterwards (unless something goes horribly wrong). He spends his free time playing a strangely popular sport in Estonia where you play golf with a frisbee (it’s called discgolf).

Nils is an easy-going and friendly tour guide who can be insightful at one moment and hilarious at the next one. He is also the only half-Latvian tour guide in the team, we are not sure what this changes, but he is proud of the fact.

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"Tour of Talinn with Nils"

I did a tour with Nils. Nils loves his city and was very knowledgeable. He had a fantastic sense of humour and kept me entertained. He was very thorough and respectable. I had only a few hours to spend and Nils helped me make the most of it. I would recommend him and would like to have him again when I return for a longer stay

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