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Uku is the local God of Thunder. No, not because he is tall and blond (though he is), but because that’s what his name means - an ancient Estonian thunder god. Uku is not one of our history students, he is a man of hard core sience - he studies mechanical engineering. Inevitably we had to eventually hire someone with a practical mind and this makes him integral to our team - somebody needs to know how to use a tool, perhaps even a hammer.

Other than his most Estonian name, Uku also upholds some extremely Estonian traditions - namely singing. Apparently he has been singing in different choiers longer than he can remember. Being a class-A singer takes you places, such as foreign countries. Uku has traveled and sung in Russia and all over Europe. He has performed for our President and foreign dignitaries to humble-brag just a little.

A man must have a few dreams and Uku has revealed his - he wants to travel and be alone. Could he be any more of an Estonian stereotype?! It seems that one day Uku will take a sailboat and sail around the world. During his tour he will surely stop off in Antarctica to cool down (because Estonian is just not cold enough) and warm up on some abandoned tropical island in the Pacific Ocean (alone!). He swears to come home to Estonia because there just isn’t a better place.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"On the road from Tallinn to Riga"

Uku was an informative and engaging guide. We learnt much about the places we visited and also about the history of and issues facing Estonia and Latvia today.

"Thoroughly recommended"

Trip was 100% true to description, and know why it rates so highly in reviews.. An excellent way to advance our holiday from Tallinn to Riga. We saw much more of Estonia and Latvia then if we had just caught the straight through bus. We thought the 65Euro price was very good value for money Guide Uku was excellent - very good English and judged perfectly what we might want to know - often guides want to tell you everything they know and more.............. Weather behaved - Uku paced the trip well - never felt rushed and never felt time was just being filled in. Must mention the lunch at Varga at the Hotel whose name I didn't record - fantastic. The nine of us must have tried 6 of the choices and no-one was disappointed - our Caesar salad with duck and wild boar were excellent - and very reasonably priced.

"Great tour from Riga !"

I had a very nice day despunte the Rain. Cool explanations, nice seightseeings. The perfect tour if you have only one day and want to see the best of Lahemaa national Park.

"A slice of natural Estonia"

Lahemaa is definitely an interesting option if you're looking to do a day trip out of Tallinn. The trip was a nice overview of the Estonian countryside and geography outside of the capital. The bogs and beaches were the most interesting parts of the tour, and I wish we could have seen more of the park's natural features. The greatest value I took from the trip was Uku's commentary. He provided some fantastic insights on Estonian history and culture, and it was fascinating to hear some of his family's experience during and after the Soviet era.

"Perfect for short visit"

Our guide was very, very good. He even sang for us in the amphitheatre a snipit of the Estonia anthem. His knowledge was incredible for such a young man. Very polite, easy going and highly appreciated for his service.

"Beautiful introduction to Estonian nature"

The tour was well organised and our guide was very informative. We went to the places around the national park where it is difficult to get without a car. I recommend the tour to everyone to find out about Estonian history and its nature.

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