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Uku is the local God of Thunder. No, not because he is tall and blond (though he is), but because that’s what his name means - an ancient Estonian thunder god. Uku is not one of our history students, he is a man of hard core sience - he studies mechanical engineering. Inevitably we had to eventually hire someone with a practical mind and this makes him integral to our team - somebody needs to know how to use a tool, perhaps even a hammer.

Other than his most Estonian name, Uku also upholds some extremely Estonian traditions - namely singing. Apparently he has been singing in different choiers longer than he can remember. Being a class-A singer takes you places, such as foreign countries. Uku has traveled and sung in Russia and all over Europe. He has performed for our President and foreign dignitaries to humble-brag just a little.

A man must have a few dreams and Uku has revealed his - he wants to travel and be alone. Could he be any more of an Estonian stereotype?! It seems that one day Uku will take a sailboat and sail around the world. During his tour he will surely stop off in Antarctica to cool down (because Estonian is just not cold enough) and warm up on some abandoned tropical island in the Pacific Ocean (alone!). He swears to come home to Estonia because there just isn’t a better place.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"A fascinating tour and a complete journey"

We had an amazing journey with our guide and the pleasant group that was created. In a few hours we experienced particular things that we wouldn't ever seen without the tour, in particular the Gauja park, Cesis Castle and the fantastic typical lunch. An unexceptionable note is Uku, our guide: a knowledgeable and a very polite boy who took care of us for all the tour's duration making our trip unforgettable; he is also a good driver! In our opinion the only thing we would avoid is the visit to the war's museum because it's too tiring and not visiting it would reduced the duration of the trip.

"More than a transfer from A to B: This adds information, experience and nice company"

After travelling from Vilnius to Riga with the Sihghtseeing Tour Bus, we continued the trip a few days later from Riga to Tallinn with the same tour operator, but different group, different tour leader and of course different route with different stops. This time: a sport site (bob and luge track in Sigulda), a romantic old town (Cesis), a walk in the national park (Gaujas), a military museum (Valga) and castle ruins (Viljandu). Entrance fees were included. Our tour leader was Estonian. He talked a lot about his home country and its history, but didn't know much about Latvia. In one case I even think he mixed up Latvia and Lithuania. Also the announcements (how long will we stop here?) were not always audible in the car. What is spoken in the drivers seat can not always be heard in the back. This is the reason for the missing fifth star. Besides this, the tour was fun. Of course it is a long day and near the end the country roads get a bit boring. However it is the perfect way to travel from Riga to Tallinn if you are not only looking for a transfer but for information, experience and nice company. Definitely recommend!

"Wonderful day out"

What an informative and beautiful day. The walk through the bog and fishing village were real highlights. Lunch was fun in a traditional restaurant. Our guide!s knowledge of the history of the area and Estonia in general was mind blowing. All in all a great day out apart from many many mosquitoes near the coast.

"Highly recommended"

This tour exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed the walk in the bog. The tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable.

"A wonderful journey "

A wonderful journey - - Wild blueberry grows under the pine tree every where (tasty 😋). Beautiful trail, amazing dark water , good +friendly tour guide. 😍

"Nice guide"

Great Tour. Nice local scout. 👍👍👍

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