Ülle Tour Guide

Ülle is a sculptor at heart and she is currently working in a school to survive in the modern world. Teachers have a fairly long holiday during summers and spending it in the beautiful Estonian country-side with travellers from all over the world might just be the best way to pass that holiday.

She has done different art-related community projects and has learned that great ideas either come from teamwork. She also likes to sculpt using different materials. She hikes a lot and is currently trying out a new hobby of doing nothing - it is very difficult to find time for this if you are constantly doing something.

Ülle has held a few jobs before becoming a tour guide. She has been a teacher, a barista, worked at a youth center. She claims that Traveller offers all of the benefits of her previous occupations without the downsides. This makes us proud.

She dreams of building a sustainable cob house to work in and to host travellers who would pass by her mysterious hide-out in the forest (everything indicates that she is a forest-dwelling mystical fairy spirit, now that we think about it).

On her tours she will probably make you eat random plants (only the edible ones!) and try out all sorts of local traditional Estonian activities such as swinging and singing.

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