Anna (LV) Tour Leader

Anna is a true wanderer, if we imagine day trip guide, this is what we think of - calm, collected and relaxed, effortlessly finishes the tour on the dot and happy after a day of nature and sightseeing.

After a stint at university studying Pharmacy, she realized neither the subject nor being indoors is for her, so she moved to the Netherlands for a while to figure things out.

Anna has spent a considerable time of her life in water - Anna started kayaking at 10, won a bunch of medals and trophies for it and when all of that got boring, volunteered at an NGO that likes to bring people outside and create unique team building activities. Her vast experience in different NGOs has teached her to solve last minute challenges and make very efficient plans. She just started an NGO of her own in Latvia, too.

When she is not doing tours or kayaking, she organizes training courses on entrepreneurship, goes on walks with her dog or on roadtrips with her friends. One of her biggest accomplishments on these adventures has been hitchhiking a boat.

On her tours, get ready to admire at the calm Baltic nature, take a lot of small coffee breaks and see Anna being randomly excited about random objects on the way.

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What people say about Anna (LV)

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Beauty "

Anna was great and explained all about the tour

"Wonderful way to see the Latvian and Estonian country side"

The guide was outstanding and very engaging and personable. Refrained from using private cell phone during the tour. Made an effort to show us the sites we were most interested I seeing.

"Nice overview about Estonia and Latvia"

It was a great tour with four stops in Estonia and Latvia. The fifth stop in Sigulda will not be done off-season. Nevertheless, we saw beautiful cities and landscapes. The guide Anna was very kind and told us a lot about the history and today's life in the Baltics.

"Wonderful experience"

I planned most of my trip based on the Tallinn-Riga sightseeing tour bus and it didnt disappoint. It has been the best part of my trip so far, the minivan makes it easy to talk to the guide/driver and your travel companions. Anna, our fantastic guide, has been simply wonderful, easygoing, funny and always ready to answer all our questions. She showed us places that i would have never visited on my own whilst explaining to us both everyday life in Estonia/Latvia and also their history and heritage. We had a lot of fun, an amazing lunch and an unforgettable road trip. She made such a long trip fun, easy and relevant. I cannot recommend her enough!! You have to experience it, you wont regret it!

"Highly recommended, no doubt"

Our guider knows what she is doing. The most she enjoy, that is where come the natural as a guider. The trip was fantastic and we really enjoy it. Just the day was not really on our site, raining most of day.

"Great trip"

We had an absolutely amazing experience travelling from Riga to Tallinn. Our guide Anna was lovely and very knowledgable of the area as well. Highly recommend this tour!

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