Anna (LV) Tour Leader

Anna is a true wanderer, if we imagine day trip guide, this is what we think of - calm, collected and relaxed, effortlessly finishes the tour on the dot and happy after a day of nature and sightseeing.

After a stint at university studying Pharmacy, she realized neither the subject nor being indoors is for her, so she moved to the Netherlands for a while to figure things out.

Anna has spent a considerable time of her life in water - Anna started kayaking at 10, won a bunch of medals and trophies for it and when all of that got boring, volunteered at an NGO that likes to bring people outside and create unique team building activities. Her vast experience in different NGOs has teached her to solve last minute challenges and make very efficient plans. She just started an NGO of her own in Latvia, too.

When she is not doing tours or kayaking, she organizes training courses on entrepreneurship, goes on walks with her dog or on roadtrips with her friends. One of her biggest accomplishments on these adventures has been hitchhiking a boat.

On her tours, get ready to admire at the calm Baltic nature, take a lot of small coffee breaks and see Anna being randomly excited about random objects on the way.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Worth your time."

This was a great alternative to a regular bus from Riga to Tallinn. The tour was in a new minibus with only 6 passengers. The guide was a very good driver, extremely friendly, and knowledgeable about regional history and culture. We stopped at some places that really seemed to give a good representation of rural Latvia and Estonia. Most of the trip was on smaller highways and some dirt roads. It was nice to stop and spend time exploring places that had no other tourists there. I'm from the States and road trips through the country backroads are something that I have always enjoyed. This trip was exactly what I had hoped for. Highlights include: beautiful forests, teutonic castles, medieval towns, war museum, excellent restaurant for lunch, country scenery, and a bobsled track. Worth every penny!

"Interesting and beautiful tour"

I would recommand the tour. Anna was a very nice guide and told us so much about the history, the all day life of the people and the special thing of the countrys. It was very interesting. We visited special spots and I think we got a good overview about the two countrys. And yes it was a long day, but it definitly worth it. So thank you to Anna for this great tour and all the beautiful places you showed us.

"Awesome guide Anna"

The stops are all really good

"Great Transit & Tour"

What a fantastic day from Riga to Tallinn! Anna was our guide, and she is wonderful. She is talkative, positive, and knowledge. I absolutely loved the stop at the bobsled track, where we got to watch lots of Russian athletes use the track. I absolutely LOVED that we were able to stop for coffee and lunch along the route. I would have been miserable otherwise! I was a solo traveler and we had multiple solo travelers on the trip, which made it very enjoyable. I would have liked to visit the castle in Cesis, but that is really the only thing that I missed. I would like to explore your other options for tours in different countries. Where I can find this information?

"best way to travel from riga to vilnius"

we loved the tour. beautiful nature and impressive monument, castle, hill of crosses etc. anna rocked big time. thank you

"Beautiful sightseeing, captivating story telling, & great company``"

I was lucky to be in a group of two guides - Anna and Oliver, who made a really great team - informative, entertaining, caring and both very nice. Although with all strangers, it felt like a road trip with own friends. It was a great experience.

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