Anna (LV) Tour Leader

Anna is a true wanderer, if we imagine day trip guide, this is what we think of - calm, collected and relaxed, effortlessly finishes the tour on the dot and happy after a day of nature and sightseeing.

After a stint at university studying Pharmacy, she realized neither the subject nor being indoors is for her, so she moved to the Netherlands for a while to figure things out.

Anna has spent a considerable time of her life in water - Anna started kayaking at 10, won a bunch of medals and trophies for it and when all of that got boring, volunteered at an NGO that likes to bring people outside and create unique team building activities. Her vast experience in different NGOs has teached her to solve last minute challenges and make very efficient plans. She just started an NGO of her own in Latvia, too.

When she is not doing tours or kayaking, she organizes training courses on entrepreneurship, goes on walks with her dog or on roadtrips with her friends. One of her biggest accomplishments on these adventures has been hitchhiking a boat.

On her tours, get ready to admire at the calm Baltic nature, take a lot of small coffee breaks and see Anna being randomly excited about random objects on the way.

Tours Anna (LV) is Doing

What people say about Anna (LV)

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Great way to travel between Tallinn and Riga"

We were lucky with the weather and we had an excellent day

"Nice trip"

Places were intersting, guides were smart and professional at the same time. An excellent way to travel. Highly recommended!

"Anna is the best guide turistic!!"

She is nice and very good!!

"Anna is fantastic guide!!"

She is very nice and smile...beautiful trip!!

"History, countryside, nature, legends, independence"

Super enjoyable trip with the right mix of sightseeing and storytelling. Anna is a great guide and kept us engaged throughout the trip. This is a great way to get from Tallinn to Riga, and a must-do in order to get a flavour of the Estonian and Latvian countrysides, stories, histories, and generally to visit places that might not otherwise fall on your itineraries. What made the trip extra special was listening to stories the nations' independence struggle on a day that was also the Indian independence day.

"Wonderful experience "

The tour was so good! Even with the rain trying to stop us, far better than 4 boring hours in a bus watching series. I really enjoyed all the places. Anna is such a nice person, I really enjoyed sharing music and life’s experiences during the rides. Totally recommend !

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