Igor Tour Guide

Igor is from Narva - a border-town between Estonia and Russia. He used to work as a tour guide in the medieval Narva castle. Having just a castle to work in gets boring when there is a whole Old Town in Tallinn. He moved to Tallinn for secondary school and we decided to put his Medieval knowledge to good use at Tallinn Traveller Tours, too.

Igor is a smartie, who sometimes gets swayed into streams of random thoughts (what are whales trying to tell us, exactly?). He is a big fan of British panel shows, QI being a favourite for the abundance of random facts. Even though he loves humour he is incredibly good at holding a frown - we’d say even professional at it.

He also used to play accordion and football for five years but he says he is still terrible at it. Maybe that’s why he changed to tour guiding which he is awesome at.

He might seem reserved at first, but don’t be fooled. Igor is a wealth of knowledge and random facts and his deadpan humour will catch you off guard when you least expect it.

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