Helen Senior Tour Guide

Helen studies Advertising in Tallinn University and loves organizing events, concerts and festivals. She will probably be a head of a PR-firm or an event organizing company in the next few years.

Over time her wide range of hobbies have included playing the violin and zither (we had to google that, too), singing in a choir and dancing hip-hop.

Helen has lived in both Denmark and Greece and loves travelling. When Helen is doing regular every-day tasks she will probably be mumbling and making up song lyrics. She is unfazed by sunsets, but really enjoys watching the moon (we are unsure, but she might just be a very friendly vampire).

Helen loves to get to know people and make sure her tour is not just a tour, but a day out with friends.

Tours Helen is Doing

What people say about Helen

Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Very humorous, learned many interesting facts"

I really enjoyed free walking tour in Tallinn with Helen, she was very humorous and told us many interesting facts about Tallinn. Beer for Helen!

"Learned about the city and its history in a very fascinating way"

We have just had the "Ghost Tour" of the city of Tallinn together with the guide Helen. We enjoyed it very much, Helen managed to tell us a lot of the city and its history in a very fascinating way. We discovered hidden spots, heard scary stories - will never want to walk around the old town in the middle of the night! - we learnt so much about Tallinn, Estonians and their culture. It was indeed a great tour and Helen was super kind and professional!

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