Jevgeni Senior Tour Guide & King of Carriages

Due to the structural problem of there not being any specialized jobs for Spanish philologists in Estonia (wonder why?), Jevgeni has taken the path less traveled. He spends his days discussing his philosophical ideas about Estonia, life and all other things he knows everything about with unsuspecting tourists.

He is a devoted football fan and believes to hold the formula of key aspects needed to beat Barcelona, but sadly nobody has yet been interested in this alchemy, therefore this will forever be a secret.

With a humorous approach available in four languages, Jevgeni brings the important, interesting aspects and details about the ordinary life of Estonia and Estonians in fascinating ways.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Just perfect"

Excursión que merece la pena. Se visitan diferentes partes del Parque Nacional, se hacen pequeñas rutas y se aprende muchísimo sobre la cultura estonia actual y pasada. Un 10 para nuestro guía, Eugenio (Jevgeni en estonio, difícil de recordar jaja), que fue uno más del grupo, hizo el viaje muy entretenido. Recomendable no llevar comida y hacerla en el restaurante donde nos llevan, comida típica y a muy buen precio. No dudéis en hacerla!!

"An amazing day! "

The guide was really helpful and funny and told us so many things! He knew all of the Estonian stories and he was happy to answer all and every question. The walk in the park and at the beach were lovely and the manor too. It was one of the highlights of our trip so if you like a bit of adventure you need to go!

"Great day to Lahemaa National Park "

Great day to Lahemaa and thanks to great tour guide, Thank you so much so much JJ, you are terrific!!


Great day to Lahemaa and thanks to great tour guide, Thank you so much so much JJ, you are terrific!!

"Awesome Day"

The Lahemaa National Park day your was great. It was well run and our guide was very nice, friendly, and knowledgeable. The park is beautiful. Very happy I did this.

"See The Unique Nature Of Estonia"

Jevgeni picked us up right on time, and despite an ominous weather forecast and rainy morning, he was, as he put it "ready to be optimistic" about our day. Since we'd only landed the night before, and we're quite jetlagged, it was great timing for this kind of tour since talking to someone always makes a trip more fun and keeps you from having that slightly lost and confused feeling that sometimes comes with new places. My husband and I chose a private tour since we only had a week and wanted to maximize our experience. The rain miraculously stopped shortly after seeing Estonia's biggest waterfall, and we arrived at the Viru Bog. The fall is turning the moss various shades of red and orange, and combined with the totally unexpected blue sky it was absolutely beautiful. Jevgeni was incredibly knowledgeable about the biology of the peat bog and got hands on by showing us how peat functions and how it is such a unique formation in the places that it exists on Earth. After that we stopped for a delicious lunch, and headed to more forest where he regaled us with a hilarious rendition of Estonia's "Epic" legend that was written in haste. We learned why hedgehogs are considered bearers of wisdom, and we even got plenty of history lessons along the way. Coming out from the forests to the edge of the Baltic Sea was stunning. It was so peaceful and serene. Pat and I both ended the day feeling like we'd seen things we wouldn't have found on our own. We'll absolutely be recommending this tour to anyone else who wants to visit Estonia!!

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