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Kamilė is our ambassador of all things Lithuanian. She has done all in her capability to give people first glimpses to this strange and adorable country and culture - she has volunteered in helping Erasmus students adapt to the place, she works as a teacher who teaches foreigners Lithuanian language and she is currently finishing a degree in Lithuanian philology. Not to worry though, she once admitted to liking the other Baltic countries as well.

In her heart, Kamilė is a nature-loving country girl with a big heart. She loves to travel and to meet new people. She also claims people do not experience awkward silences around her - we can attest to this is after hearing her super-cute jokes.

Kamilė is a great person to take a day trip with because she always knows the best 80s pop song to sing to keep spirits high no matter the weather or time. Kamilė is an incredibly sweet person who will use every oportunity to find the obvious as well as the hidden of the Baltics and show you things you would miss on your own.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Interesting way to get from Riga to Vilnius"

Everything was on time and very comfortable. 5 well chosen spots to stop along the way. Lucky with the weather but unfortunately the last two stops in the dark due to short days but both stops are beautifully lit up at night, so it was still perfect in a different way. Guide was very knowledgeable and spiced up the stories with family history. Thanks for a great day.

"Gloomy weather but still a shiny tour"

Camile our tour guide made up for the gloomy, rainy, cold and windy weather by being the most cheerful tour guide i've ever experienced. It was more like having a conversation with a friend more than being with a tour guide during our tour. She really made us feel at home and we enjoyed our trip!

"Great trip "

Fantastic trip really great value for money, enjoyed all the stops along the way and our guide was cheerful, extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Learnt loads along the way and spent just the right amount of time in each place. Thanks for a great trip 😊

"I missed the bus, she found me"

The only way to. Go, really.

"Start as strangers end as a little family"

Travelled from Riga to Vilnius in September 2018 with Kamille. Would definitely recommend this tour transfer. The stops to driving ratio was good and although I would love to have stayed longer in some places it isn't possible without making it an over long day. However because my time in the area was limited it at least meant I saw some pretty great sights. My travelling companions were lovely, a group if strangers who ended the day as a little family on the bus

"Interesting and enjoyable "

The bus took us from Riga to Vilnius with stops at points of interest along the way. First stop was at Salaspils memorial, that opened up a whole area of history to us and was very moving. We’d have liked longer here to see more of the museum. The next stop was Rundale Palace, a stunning surprise with gardens to rival Versailles. We had lunch at a restaurant offering traditional Lithuanian food, with venison on the menu and limited vegetarian options. The Hill of Crosses in North Lithuania is surely unique; we saw two bridal parties there and our guide explained the custom. After that was Lithuania’s second city, Kaunas; we could have done with less time here. Final stop was the really beautiful Trakai, It was a fine evening and a stroll was welcome, unfortunately the castle was closing so we couldn’t go in. Some people sampled a famous local pastry speciality. Our guide Kamile was excellent, engaging, knowledgeable and with first rate English. All in all, we’d highly recommend this tour to anybody who wants to learn about life in the three Baltic states, past and present.

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