Kamile (LT) Tour Leader

Kamilė is our ambassador of all things Lithuanian. She has done all in her capability to give people first glimpses to this strange and adorable country and culture - she has volunteered in helping Erasmus students adapt to the place, she works as a teacher who teaches foreigners Lithuanian language and she is currently finishing a degree in Lithuanian philology. Not to worry though, she once admitted to liking the other Baltic countries as well.

In her heart, Kamilė is a nature-loving country girl with a big heart. She loves to travel and to meet new people. She also claims people do not experience awkward silences around her - we can attest to this is after hearing her super-cute jokes.

Kamilė is a great person to take a day trip with because she always knows the best 80s pop song to sing to keep spirits high no matter the weather or time. Kamilė is an incredibly sweet person who will use every oportunity to find the obvious as well as the hidden of the Baltics and show you things you would miss on your own.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Vilnius to Riga"

Our pick-up was right on schedule! After introductions Kami took us to see the Lithuanian and Latvian culture. Kami was very enthusiastic throughout the tour and extremely knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend booking this tour if you want to learn more about Lithuania and Latvia.

"Well worth it!"

Really enjoyed this tour day up to Riga. It was nice seeing the sights along tree way and meeting new people.

"Great sightseeing tour"

The tour is a good option if you travel across the Baltic countries. Travellers can visit the tourist spots in the countryside while transiting from one country to another.

"Not Just a Ride, But an Experience!"

As I understand it, the easiest way to get from Vilnius to Riga is to take a bus, and if all you care about is getting from Point A to Point B, I imagine the bus is fine. But if you are a traveler, and you really want to see more of Lithuania and Latvia than just a brief overview of their capital cities - and if you really want to get an understanding of the countries and the region from people who are from the area - you HAVE to do this sightseeing bus tour! Pickup (and arrival, for that matter) were on-time, but still left the group plenty of time for the scheduled stops (Kaunas; the Hill of Crosses; Rundale Palace). It seems like we had a "bonus" trip, because there was another guide who was actually "playing tourist" that day, so we had two sources of information and opinions to give us the complete story. Very well done, and highly recommended!

"Fantastic Tour for Time-Pressed Travellers"

I only had that much time to experience Latvia and Lithuania, so this tour is perfect for me to see the countryside and visit out-of-the-city attractions while heading to Vilnius. Kamile was energetic from the get go, informative about the two countries, and the journey was smooth all the way. Aciu for the memorable times!

"Awesome trip!"

We had a great time with Kamile and it was a very good way to spend the day and commute from Riga to Vilnius. The sites we visited were all so different and interesting, and Kamile made it better with her explanation of the history and stories. Time management was good, and we had reasonable amounts of time to spend at each location. Her driving skills were excellent too!

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