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Katrin is a cheerful girl we at Tallinn Traveller Tours discovered in a crazy cool school in a mythological and expensive place called Norway. As soon as she returned Tallinn, we made her become a tour guide.

She is an avid supporter of all things green, thus Katrin has a special love-hate relationship with Tallinn's roads as she cycles everywhere from the outskirts of Tallinn where she lives.

Katrin just graduated high school and is now taking a year off before heading to UK to study Geography. She plans to spend the year learning as many awesome things as possible – the list already includes juggling and surfing. As UK studies need funds, you can also occasionally find her busking with an Estonian traditional bagpipe at the harbour. It seems like a nice way to be greeted into the country, also a rather strange one, which makes it awesome.

As a tour guide, Katrin uses her experience from living in a very international community in Norway to find the best way to make anyone understand these weird quiet creatures called Estonians and their small special habitat called Estonia.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"An amazing tour. Highly recommended."

We had an excellent Funky Bike Tour with lovely Katrin this morning and she was the perfect guide to show us parts of Talinn we wouldn't have discovered on our own. The railway station, remnants of Russian occupation, disused factories, the old prison and its chilling history and above all, the emerging public art. An amazing tour. Highly recommended.

"The guides are all brilliant, so makes no difference which one you pick."

Usually I am not a friend of guided Tours. But in this case, we decided to make one, because we were short on time. So we booked Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski. Because there were no other interested people we get a private Tour. And this Tour was so fantastic that we made the Lahemaa and Haapsalu Tour too. I recommend you, to spend at least one Day of your Holidays outside the town and make one of these trips. If you have only one Day make the Lahemaa Tour. The girls we had as guides are altogether brilliant, so it makes no difference which one guides you. Thank´s you showed us your wonderful homeland.

"Had a fantastic time"

I took a tour with Katrin, and had a fantastic time! Katrin was friendly and very engaging, and kept us fascinated with great stories and history. By far the best tour guide experience I have had while traveling in Europe!

"I enjoyed everything on the tour"

Today I took a tour with Katryn (Kate) to Lahemaa and I enjoyed everything we did. Katryn was very knowledgeable, being a history student. She answered all our questions and gave us a real insight on the people and culture of Estonia. I would have had to rent a car to get to all these places and even then, I wouldn't know as much information as Katryn did! We were able to do a good deal of walking, not just sitting in the SUV. The lunch was delicious and filling.I liked the manor that was being restored, the Soviet submarine base and the bogs the best. Thanks, Katryn, for a wonderful day!! You were awesome!

Had an enjoyable day with Katrin - great local knowledge and very helpful. One of the better walking tours we've been on.

"Very nice free walking tour"

We joined the very nice free walking tour with Katrin. Two hours of information, stories and tales about Tallinn, Estonia and Estonian people. It was a great tour with a fantastic guide! Tänan, Katrin!!!

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