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Mart has wanted to be a bike tour guide for as long as he can remember. So now, at the age of one hundred and twenty six, he has pretty much achieved 50% of all his goals in life (the other 50% being the unquenchable thirst to punch a walrus in the face) and could, and probably will, retire soon to a comfortable life in the Bahamas, where he will, as a prophet of the cruel master of time, Kronos, undoubtedly be worshipped by a fanatic army of zealot followers.

When not found cycling through the dodgier parts of Tallinn or leading his pub crawl groups to their inevitable demise, he can be found pursuing his other hobbies which include (but are not limited to) reinventing the wheel, un-discovering the Americas and disproving the General Theory of Relativity. The resident anthropologist at the Tent, he also possesses valuable insight into the finer points of the Estonian life.

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"A nice break from the Old Town's touristy feel."

I went on the Lahemaa Day Tour and had a great time. I made new friends with other tourists, enjoyed the salmon lunch and all of the things we explored during the tour - Jagala Waterfall, Viru Bog, old soviet remains, etc. Mart was a wonderful guide who took us to all the things mentioned in the tour description and also ventured off into finding a new beach to explore as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Estonia - it's a nice break from the Old Town touristy feel.

"Definitely recommended!"

I took their first day trip to Riga and I'm so glad I chose that option instead of the normal 5 hour bus. The Estonian and Latvian countryside is so beautiful and I would have missed it all, since this trip follows an alternative road to Riga. Thank you so-so much Tallinn Traveller and Mart for the great day.

"A great day out, many surprises"

Myself and two grown-up daughters did the Paldiski tour with Mart during our too-short 1 week trip to Tallinn. What a great day out that was. Full of surprises (I won't spoil them). There was only one other couple in the group (Tony & Susan, if you read this ...thanks for being such great company). It felt more like a day out with friends than an organised tour. Mart was more than happy to be flexible on the itinerary as we worked around the changable weather and enjoyed a little side-trip searching unsuccessfully for a mythical soviet bunker :). Mart's a funny, smart guy and really made the day. If you meet him ask him to do his hilarious impersonation of an annoyed Estonian waitress. Priceless.

"Highly recommended."

Great tour from Mart. He explained the history brilliantly and really brought the many century-long struggles to life.

"HIGHLY recommended, in every way"

A very nice day trip in a small bus, which I did together with 7 others, plus the guide, Mart, who was not only most friendly and pleasant but also extremely knowledgable, and able to give good answers to all the questions we threw at him ! A highlight of the day trip was the excellent meal we enjoyed at the museum ( !! ) in Käsmu - lovely salmon and potato ; it couldn't have tasted any better and there was even some cake afterwards, all for only 8 Euros a head ( i.e. for the food ; the tour cost 49 Euros per person ). For that we were also treated to a short guided tour of the boat & ship museum next door, which contains many interesting maritime artefacts, as used during the last hundred years or more. The coastline with all the forest is unspoilt and lovely, and very well worth experiencing. The bogland too was interesting ; and Mart's knowledge of natural history provided us with everything else we needed to know ! The tour is to be HIGHLY recommended, in every way !!

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience"

What an amazing company, with amazing tour guides! I was lucky enough to experience a personal tour, during the winter season with three guides, as they were creating a new tour to bring in for the summer season. Spent the day exploring several hidden spots of Estonia. Highlights included the Padise monastery, Haapsalu & Ungru Castle. Each guide was full of interesting information about each place we visited and definitely have a real love for Estonia. I couldn't have asked for a better experience as a lone traveller. Thanks guys!!

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