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Martin is studying history at the university of Tartu, so he’s really into old stuff. The older the better, really. He could go on for hours about different invasions, treaties, movements, spheres of influence and assassination plots. If it’s old, chances are he’s heard about it. Martin has been known to brag that he can recite all of the Roman emperors by heart, but nobody has actually heard him do it. He also likes to go around and tell people how tall Joseph Stalin really was.

When he’s not driving people to national parks, medieval monasteries, creepy abandoned prisons or derelict Soviet military bases, he can be found sitting behind a computer and writing about nerdy things. On his spare time, Martin is a writer and an editor for Level1, an Estonian video game website. This means that he has probably slain more dragons, consumed more potions and fought more space aliens (albeit virtually) than most people will in their entire lifetime. Other than that, he can be found lounging in the garden behind his house in the small town of Keila, reading the latest Stephen King novel. Or telling his increasingly annoyed neighbour how tall Joseph Stalin really was.

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"Martin is certainly the best in his domain and great guide"

During my recent visit to Estonia, I decided to take up the bus tour from Tallinn to Riga. Our guide was Martin, who is friendly, kind and full of knowledge. So far I could understood based up on my experience, you can ask him any questions on history, science, economics, local culture/tradition, food, politics, hidden stunning destinations… in short your best partner in travel. He answered patiently to everyone’s query during our road trip along with his sweet smile. He is certainly the best in his domain and great guide to show you around. Highly recommended!! Thank you Martin for your time and sharing your knowledge.

"Learned a lot about Tallinn which I would not have discovered on my own"

Thank you Martin for the interesting tour today! I have learned a lot about Tallinn which I would not have discovered on my own. I definitely recommend this tour.

"Had a great tour with Martin"

We had a great tour with Martin. He told us about the city and the history of the country, but also about the culture and ways of leaving of the Estonian.

"Martin knew this much about culture, history"

Tour Tallinn - Riga in July: Martin was a great guide, knew this much about culture, history, ... Was really fun listening to him... GREAT TOUR! THANKS!!!!!!

"Would definitely recommend"

Excellent tour, would definitely recommend it! We learned a lot, our guide Martin is very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you!

"Time passed so quickly listening to all the stories"

We had a free tour with Martin. I have been in many free tours around Europe and this was by the moment, the best... Time passed so quickly listening stories about life in the Soviet era, otto prince tricks, or actual prime minister oddities... Also he speaks very clearly even for those who like me don't speak too much english.

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