Pavlina (CZ) Tour Leader

Outside of guiding, my passions are...
definitely traveling (what kind of tour guide would I be if my passion was not traveling?!), learning foreign languages (always better to be able to talk with locals in their own language), sport (to be fit and able to carry my backpack when traveling), and talking (be ready to be asked a lot of curious questions).

I love my job because...
it’s my hobby and it’s never the same. Even though I drive the same route, there is always something new. Plus, I always learn something - talking to people from different cultures makes me more knowledgeable, open-minded, and gives me even more passion for travelling.

My favourite place on Sidetrip tours is...
the route between Karlstejn and Pilsen - driving through small villages and the beautiful nature with beautiful views. The road is quite narrow so it requires quite good driving skills and concentration. I have a lot of personal stories to tell about this area as well.

Sidetrip is better than travelling with plane/bus/train/etc because...
1. You’ll go places where it would be almost impossible to get to without a car.
2. You’ll get interesting information and personal stories that you will never read from any guide book.
3. You’ll meet other travellers with whom you can hang out or stay in touch with.
4. You can ask any questions you have on your mind.
5. You’ll get the tips about where to go and what to do in your final destinations (mostly for Prague from me).

A unique moment as a tour guide that I will always remember is...
driving from Kutna Hora to Brno and having a "party" in the car. Four different couples who did not know each other and they get along so well. The couple sitting next to me sent a notebook around and everybody wrote down their favourite song. Later, when it was played we were guessing who's favourite song it was. It was so much fun.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"One way tour to Vienna"

Pavlina was a wonderful tour guide. We saw a few things on the trip we would not have seen otherwise. The vehicle was comfortable and the stops were very good. We were given information about the places we stopped without information overload.

"Munich to Prague Roadtrip Adventure"

The roadtrip from Munich to Prague was great! I am glad I decided to book this tour. We stopped at three different locations and had lunch at a local Czechia restaurant. Our guide Pavlina was super friendly and very knowledgeable about each location. She even when took us to a local bar to get a feel and taste Czechia beer. I will gladly do this trip again.

"Really great side trip"

We took the side trip from Berlin to Prague with our guide Pav. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the locations Pav took us to were fantastic. My husband particularly liked Dresden while I enjoyed Bastei and the small Czech town Pav took us to. Pav gave us some tips on Prague and also helped us when our taxi didn't arrive and she went out of her way to make sure we were safe. I would recommend this way of getting from one location to another while adding in some great stop overs and guided information. Thanks Pav for your help and follow up information and photos.

"Czech immersion experience"

I recently enjoyed a Czech immersion experience trough a Prague to Vienna tour. First and enjoyed the camaraderie from fellow travelers with whom we shared this experience. Our tour guide also did a great job sharing her knowledge of Czech culture and being multi-lingual was a bonus! Although it took the whole day, we did not see the time go by and in the end, I was left wanting more!! Would recommend this tour!

"Great way to see a bit of the country before moving on"

The bus tour was very comfortable and being in a small tour group is very nice. We got to meet some fellow travelers that were great. Our tour guide was wonderful and knowledgeable. Was nice to see parts of Czechoslovakia and hear about them rather than just travel from point a to b.

"Best way to get to Munich!"

My family has not stopped talking about how happy we are that we booked this tour. At first we were just going to take the train, but then we thought, why waste all of that sightseeing time! We booked a private tour and Our guide, Pav, was amazing. She knew so much about the places we visited. She was born to do this! Highly recommend this tour!!!

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