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Raimo is your Google if you happen to be on airplane mode. He is a walking-talking encyclopedia spewing facts from 90s popular culture to ancient Venenian times and anything in between.

Raimo is studying history to get to know how much we have evolved as a species. Even when he worked as an ice cream vendor, he still did it on the center of history on Old Town Square in Tallinn. He has also worked at the Museum of Occupations in Tallinn.

When Raimo is not taking you on an immersive historical journey (i.e. A tour in the Old Town), he likes to read, spend time with friends, write strange stories, study a plethora of languages or go for a jog. Among this immense amount of knowledge, he says his biggest accomplishment is knowing German grammar.

On his tours, you can of course expect a lot historical jokes. They sometimes fail miserably (just like Napoleon at Waterloo), but as long as people get a chuckle, we consider it a half-victory (unlike Napoleon at Waterloo). If you have a question, Raimo will have an answer.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"A fun walk through Old Towns history"

Walking tour through Tallinn Old Town was a new experience thanks to our funny and witty guide. We didn't get bored at all. Learning new things about Tallinns recent history and hearing stuff from a local point of view was refreshing and Our guide knew a lot of things. Some of the jokes didn't land due to similarities of our countries cultures. We had fun and recommend tour with local guide to all who wants to know more about Tallinn than just historybook details.

"Rai the great"

We enjoyed the private tour wit Rai. Our dedicated guide. Interesting, educating, lot of knowledge and curiosity.

"It doesn't always have to be funny"

Our guided tour was funny. Sometimes, however, we would have wished for a little more seriousness. E.g. for our taste the remarks about the medieval executions were too many fun stories and also too extensive - one joke about these sad topic would have been enough. Nevertheless we enjoyed the tour and we say thank you to our tour guide.

"Ghosts and Legends Not An Ordinary Tour"

Our guide, Ray, was excellent. On this tour, you will learn things you will not learn on a regular walking tour. You find out about the dark history of the buildings you have passed. These legends are based on history and told in a fun easy way to understand. This tour would be engaging for teenagers as well. Ray, who is an historian, was also able to answer various questions we had about Tallinn and Estonian history that were not related to ghosts and legends which was an added bonus.

"Tallin? Where in the world is Tallin?!?"

Ray was a wonderful guide. Funny, informative and quite knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour and highly recommend it. Now we know where Tallin is and even a little bit about Estonia!

"fun and fascinating!"

light hearted but exciting and interesting tour of the Old Town at night - and the various horrors that have befallen many an unlucky person over the centuries!

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